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| March 2, 2015


Harvard Business Review

Despite the benefits, many managers feel uneasy about delegating work to their teams. One main concern is that your staff will resent the additional work. If you want to build a foundation for effective delegating, you can’t just dump grunt work on people; you have to manage their expectations with open discussions. Let them know they’ll get opportunities to do new and interesting work.

Explain how new projects will expand their capabilities, and that you’ll support them as they make their own decisions. When you do have dull administrative work or a beastly project, such as organizing a cluttered image library, be upfront about it: acknowledge that it may be beneath your employee’s abilities, but it has to be done. Give the reasons why. Providing a larger context will lessen the sense of drudgery and motivate your employee to complete the work without resentment.

Adapted from “Delegating Work (20-Minute Manager).”

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