Valdosta > Valdosta Mother Arrested For Assaulting Her Children

| February 9, 2015


VALDOSTA — On Sunday, Feb. 8, the Valdosta Police Department responded to reports of a dispute around 1 p.m. on the 1100 block of Old Statenville Road. Upon arrival, Taiesha Cedeno was arrested for choking her 2-year-old and hitting her 3-month-old in the face.

Both children suffered from mental and visual injuries. The police report stated that the house was in disarray, with multiple canned food items thrown about and broken glass.

Cedeno was transported to Lowndes County Jail and charged with Aggravated Assault of a Family Member, Battery, Criminal Trespassing on Private Property-Vandalism and two counts of Cruelty Toward Children.

The children are now under the care of family members.

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5 Comments on "Valdosta > Valdosta Mother Arrested For Assaulting Her Children"

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  1. Rex Reed says:

    Beating up her chikdren, she’s gonna have fun in jail once the word gets out.

  2. Dallas says:

    And everyone wonders what is wrong with the country. This is a big part of it….people who should have never been parents to begin with…..Geez. And this “mother” will go unpunished….and she will likely continue to receive her “benefits” no matter what happens…benefits that the rest of us pay for….Makes me sick….she should be publicly flogged….and then sterilized….but she will not be punished….and will have other children who will suffer the same sort of abuse….the cycle will never stop because no one really cares too much anymore….

  3. Woody G says:

    and he family wasn’t aware of the conditions the children were living in????

  4. Dallas says:

    Of course they were…..and they accepted it as normal for their lifestyle. I see this all the time….and it shows the level to which human beings can fall whose only interest is themselves. This woman is a piece of garbage….God help those poor children because they will likely be “placed” somewhere with members of this idiot’s family who are no better than she is….and we will read about this all over again one day…..