Valdosta > Slaughter Discusses Road Improvements Upcoming

| February 24, 2015

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VALDOSTA — Lowndes County Commission Chairman Bill Slaughter appeared Tuesday morning with host Chris Beckham on The Morning Drive on Newstalk 105.9 WVGA.

He discussed upcoming transportation projects including improvements to the Exit 22 and 29 interchanges on Interstate 75, as well as issues concerning old US Highway 41 near Stone Creek and Tillman Crossing, among other topics.


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  1. Danny says:

    This is somewhat related to road improvement. More so, life saving improvement. Very long opinion. Sorry.

    Chris, if you read this, please remind listeners of the danger of bicyclists sharing the road. And what a waste in taxes the SHARE THE ROAD signs are. They might as well add THEN SUE GA under SHARE THE ROAD.

    Seriously, Georgia State, County, City governments need to remove the invitations to death and maiming. Take down SHARE THE ROAD bicycle signs. We don’t need big hi-vis signs with AT YOUR OWN RISK added below SHARE THE ROAD to prevent lawsuits. If it is added, the sign is still an invitation to die or get maimed.

    Those benefiting more the bicyclists from SHARE THE ROAD bicycle signs are, 1. The sign maker and replenisher. 2. Installers and maintainers 3. Doctors and hospitals and handicap equipment makers 4. Funeral Homes. 5. Those using the signs for target practice.

    Everybody, including SHARE THE ROAD sign promoters, knows that today’s drivers are more distracted than ever. Nobody should be shocked when a vehicle hits a bicyclist sharing the road with vehicles operated by so many distracted drivers.

    Regardless of how many lights and protective gear bicyclists have, a distracted driver is very likely to kill or maim them. Yet, parents let kids drive on roads with all the distracted drivers today.

    Even in areas with bicycle lanes, still the risk. But not as dangerous as “sharing the road”. An invitation to die or get maimed. Use bicycle lanes.

    A good lawyer would have already held a SHARE THE ROAD sign up in front of a jury to help assure they collect millions from taxpayers for a dead or maimed bicyclist. The driver’s lawyer should also sue government for putting up death and maiming invitation.

    A good lawyer will have the jury believing that the bicyclist actually believed that “SHARE THE ROAD” means it was safe. That it was government’s ignorance to invite bicyclists to share the road with so many distracted drivers, backed by statistics. Government statistics.

    Same government does not allow bicyclists on the interstate shoulders, but they would be safer on the interstate shoulders than sharing a non-interstate road. If a vehicle hits a bicyclists at 80mph on a wide interstate or 60mph on a more narrow road, dead is dead.