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| February 17, 2015





VALDOSTA — In an article published in the Atlanta Journal Constitution, written by Christian Boone, it is obvious the strain the Kendrick Johnson controversy has had on Valdosta in creating a deep divide in the community, as seen from this outside report.

The article (read more HERE) discusses the effects a delay in providing a conclusion to the investigation by US Attorney Michael Moore has had.  The delay has supported, on the side of those looking to find a murder occurred, support that a cover up exists.  On the side of those believing the facts presented so far, the delay has created a great deal of frustration, or worse.

Moore declined comment to Boone as noted in the story except to say the investigation “has proven more complicated” and taken longer than anticipated. But, according to Benjamin Crump, a lawyer for the Johnsons, the prosecutor told the family he is convinced Kendrick didn’t die accidentally.

“They’re investigating it as a homicide,” Crump told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution last month.

On the other side, the side of those who believe the posted results of investigations by the Lowndes County Sheriff’s office, GBI, and other officials involved in the case, many are concerned the prosecutor is determined to file charges regardless of the evidence, which is causing the delay.

“He’s looked every under rock, and there’s nothing there,” Chris Beckham of The Morning Drive said in the article. “I blame him [Moore] for a lot of what’s gone on.”

The alibis of the primary targets of the Federal investigation, Brian Bell, his brother Branden and their father, were confirmed by the Lowndes sheriff, and subsequent testimony placed Branden Bell on a school bus headed to a wrestling tournament in Macon at the time Johnson was last seen, while surveillance cameras showed Brian Bell was in class, across campus.

Despite the evidence produced to date, the Johnsons’ lawsuit alleges a massive cover-up by the Lowndes sheriff, the GBI, the state medical examiner’s office and school officials.

“It’s just not logical,” Beckham said. “For all those people to be involved, and to keep that a secret for two years … I just don’t buy it.”

The article was posted online Monday.

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24 Comments on "Valdosta > Many Frustrated with Moore related to Johnson Case"

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  1. George king wilson says:

    Valdosta is known for cover ups Ollie Chandler ,Mary Turner,Willie j.Williams,Let the Federal Government do their job,if they are innocent why worry?they are targets of a federal investigation,being that they are targets the D.O.J has evidence that a crime was committed stay tune.

  2. Janice Mc. says:

    What is done in secret will always come to light ….what ever that may be

  3. Louise says:

    it is very possible for many people to be involved in a murder and keep it a secret for many years. When you look at what could or would happen if a secret like that got out then I could see a lot of people keeping their mouth shut.

  4. Tank Cashinson says:

    So what would be the purpose of a coverup? Seriously someone explain who benefits. The sheriff’s office doesn’t benefit, school doesn’t, what one student is important enough to let them run free and kill again? I mean the school would benefit more if it were a murder because as it stands now it shows they aren’t teaching kids not crawl head first into holes upside down.

    On top of that explain how it’s possible to have a multi-agency, multi-cultural(Black folks involved) conspiracy with a sheriff who is not even liked by his own people.

    The only reason Moore hasn’t moved along is because he knows he is screwed either way. If he says it was a “murder” then it will be years of wasted resources to find something that doesn’t exist. If he says it was an accident then we will end up with our very own little “Ferguson”.

  5. Ralph j.Moss says:

    Ask Chris why they cover up the murder, when the it was crime scene based on Capt.Wanda Edwards

  6. Facts please says:

    1. All deaths of a person in public area treated as a crime scene. ALL. Processed like a crime scene. When is a death not processed like a crime scene? after a lengthy illness in a hospital.

    2. 97 years ago Mary Turner was murdered. That has nothing to do with this case. What next, going to bring in Emmett Till? oh wait, my bad

    3. Willie James Williams’ death was ruled a homicide by the same exact GBI Medical Examiners’ office that ruled Kendrick Johnson’s death an accident. In the homicide of Williams, there was never enough evidence to prove malicious intent of murder. That happened nearly 17 years ago; our current sheriff was not in office when Williams was killed.

    4. Commentary by certain people is beyond ignorant. For some reason they will believe a crazy lunatic on social media before they believe medical doctors with distinguished careers and credentials. I have had enough of idiots ruining our town’s reputation and ruining innocent people’s lives.

  7. George king Wilson says:

    You are worst than Leigh touchton,you care more about the image of a child,than a death of a child or a mother loosing her family to prison.sad

    • Tank Cashinson says:

      Don’t let the truth get in the way of a good story right?

    • LHS mother says:

      Many parents have lost children in tragic accidents. The loss of a child in a tragic accident does not give anyone the right to destroy innocent people’s lives, careers, and reputations.

  8. JC says:

    Moore is delaying to allow more “cool down” time. With Ferguson protests and later New York, he hasn’t had an opportune time to agree with local investigators.

    Crump is lying. Moore would never release info to one side or the other during an ongoing case. He’s trying to rally the thugs that will continue to get him on the news.

  9. George king Wilson says:

    From my understanding Moore knew a crime was committed last year in April,during MLK day

  10. Ralph j.Moss says:

    @ jc that’s why ATTy Gen Moore informed them that they are targets of a crime investigation,9/10 most targets are indicted,I’m pretty sure if the bell boys father is(was) a FBI agent then he knows his situation,From the beginning something sounds fishy about this case.1. LHS is a county school that sits in the city of valdosta,LCSD didn’t allow VPD to help with the investigation. When EMTS arrived they stated that this was a crime scene,they didn’t allow the county Corner on the scene until six ours later,Capt Wanda Edwards informed Mr.Johnson that this was a crime,they didn’t allow family to identify their deceased love one before they move the body,as you see I am still on 1 its so many things to be pointed out that shows our law enforcement did a sloppy job,We believe as Freedom Fighters that this is not the first time this has happen in Valdosta.These things will stop as the DOJ and the nation watches Valdosta,We as Freedom fighters will continue to point out the Ills of this wicked town and law enforcement,this problem has been here,But Almighty God who sits high and looks low is the Best knower,let the feds do their job for Floyd Rose or Leigh touchton or even myself are not CSI

    • Tank Cashinson says:

      You have so much wrong here but you sum up the why no one with more than 2 brain cells and basic logic cannot take the “justice for KJ” side seriously.

      People so want Valdosta to be some “back woods redneck KKK in disguise Podunk town” run by a corrupt sheriff and his corrupt cronies. Sorry folks but that’s not this town, no matter how much you wish this was 1955 or 1855 it’s not.

      Maybe the “Freedom Fighters” should spend more on their own communities to inspire and educate them rather than trying to find the hidden racists and conspiracies that don’t exist.

      However I still pose the question to all the “experts” who know it was a murder and elaborate coverup. Why is it a coverup? Who does it benefit?

    • LHS mother says:

      Unless you have been under a rock, you know that AJC, Valdosta Today, and Valdosta Daily times published the evidence for the alibis for the Bell brothers. They are no longer targets because they have been alibied. It’s fairly easy to comprehend if you have a functioning cerebral cortex.

      You are not a freedom fighter, you are part of the social media smear campaign that Crump uses in every single one of his cases. It’s nothing more than a shake-down attempt.

      County schools sometimes get “swallowed up” by a city that is growing and expanding its borders. That’s not a conspiracy. And likewise, due to development inside a city, sometimes a city school will build outside the city limits. That’s not a conspiracy either. Nothing fishy about it at all, at least not to normal folks.

      As has been said but apparently you can’t understand this: all deaths in a public area are treated like a crime scene. All. Just because a death scene is processed like a crime scene does not mean that the death has been ruled a murder. It means the investigators are processing it for clues and evidence. That’s all it means. Most normal folks understand this.

      Floyd Rose and Leigh Touchton are civil rights activists whose opinions are based on facts and they speak for organizations that elected them to office. Your opinions are delivered anonymously, are not based on facts, and are irrational. The community places more importance on what they have to say and they have stated their opinions publicly numerous times.

  11. Terry Conaway says:

    My neighbor, from Valdosta, house burned down a couple of days ago and we will be doing a Fund Raiser for him at John W Saunders Park on River Street the 28 of Febuary 28 from 12-5. He lost everything and will be on hand so please help if you can.

  12. Felicia wright says:

    This is my hometown when I was visiting around the time this first happened I witnessed about 20 cars following one another off a dark road it was strange because the light stayed green for all the cars to cross before it turned red as I sat looking at all the same race people I couldn’t help but wonder was they the ones involved I just found it strange how a traffic light states green long enough to allow that many cars to cross almost as if they a remote control to it.. We will never know what happened if we leave it up to someone to tell the truth

  13. George king wilson says:

    Valdosta is my home,things just don’t add up,I have work in law enforcement for 16 years,from my view point local law enforcement didn’t use proper protocol.

    • Tank Cashinson says:

      From your many statements GKW, I seriously doubt you’re in Law Enforcement and if you are then Jebus help that department.

    • LHS mother says:

      You “have work in law enforcement for 16 years”? I hope you haven’t been a school resource officer. What are your credentials? do you work crime scene investigations? do you work as a detective? ( I doubt it with your lack of ability to conjugate verbs). What proper protocol was not used? We know they didn’t call the Coroner, was there something else? booties at the crime scene? What exactly? Over 100 folks have been involved in this investigation, from multiple law enforcement agencies, but you the anonymous LEO who can’t conjugate a verb knows better than they do? Call up Michael Moore…tell him what it is you know about this case. We are about to enter MONTH 17 of Michael Moore’s inept “review.”