Valdosta > Chauncey Indicted in Johnson False Statement

| February 4, 2015


VALDOSTA — An individual who knowingly made false statements related to knowledge of events in the Kendrick Johnson case has been indicted by a Lowndes County Grand Jury.

Dalton Chauncey, 19, has been indicted for providing false statements to Lowndes County Sheriff’s Deputies.

In July of 2014, Chauncey told investigators that he was present during a conversation where he heard two individuals admit to causing Johnson’s death.

Autopsy reports had ruled the death an accident, however the Johnson family and their supporters have continued to state foul play was involved.  Chauncey’s false statements added to the controversy and related tensions.

Chauncey told investigators he knew the two individuals only by first name.  Later, Chauncey also gave investigators the name of another individual present when the false statements where said to have occurred, but that person denied hearing the statements and being present during any such conversations.

The information provided by Chauncey was followed up by investigators, but was too vague to provide any help.  When they asked Chauncey for more details, he admitted to making up the story “in order to boast” to friends.  He stated to Sheriff’s deputies that the two persons he described were fabricated and did not exist.


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6 Comments on "Valdosta > Chauncey Indicted in Johnson False Statement"

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  1. billeeg says:

    I did not know KJ, nor do I know Dalton or their families….It suks about KJ but it’s worse to bust this kidd’s butt over his stupid mouth. It will be hard enuf for him to face his friends and classmates later in life, as it is. I hope the Judge & DA settle this quietly and quikly…and let Dalton get on with his life.. I hope KJ’s family finds peace, also………………..BUT…I hope their law suit is dismissed quicker than Daltons case….I object to my taxes paying another damn cent on this. Send Bubba Gump and his lawsuit to the land fill…..Stop this non-sense, have you noticed how many county mounties it takes to write a ticket ? more than it takes the Polish to change a lite bulb….why do i say this, ask your self- could these guys set up this perfect of a cover up ? and, not a peep of talk-naw….they couldn’t……So, Mr DA, settle this and Let Dalton Live W/O a Record

    • Tater Beauchamp says:

      Dalton needs to get a swift kick in the butt. You gripe about money being wasted but you don’t think about the money he wasted by sending LEO’s on a wild goose chase.

  2. AnotherDem says:

    With the original video tapes being missing and the quickness of the local police was in closing this case, plus the harassment of people who came forward with information, I hope the lawsuit is won by the family. This can not happen again. The story of it being an accident is a lame story. It cannot be recreated. Nobody can go in head first into a 14-inch hole of a standing mat. Not even if you staged it, Houdini could not do it.

  3. billeeg says:

    Your right,Tater….. He should not have made statements and then repeated making it worse- bad bad bad…but, not jail-criminal stuff… But, No I did not disregard the fact that he created extra cost….bad, bad, bad…..So, his bad judgement makes a lawsuit and cash reward for some… It seems to me , I’m more damaged than them when I write that damn check to pay those cost. AnotherDem- those folks that came forward were probably the same ones that came forward in Missouri….like Dalton…duhhuh… And, didn’t the Johnson family receive a settlement already, like one they can’t talk about….enuf already

    • Tater Beauchamp says:

      I would reply in more detail but I can barely decipher what you posted.

      As for Dalton, he needs to be held to the same standard as anyone else who lies in an investigation. Sucks to be him but maybe he should’ve kept his mouth shut instead of trying to be “cool”.