Valdosta > 16-year Old Charged with Felony Murder

| February 22, 2015


VALDOSTA –  A 16-year old Valdosta male has been charged in the shooting death of a 17-year old.

Early Sunday morning, at approximately 1:23 am, the Valdosta Police Department responded to a shooting at the 600 block of South Oak Street. When officers arrived, they found 17-year old Solomon Lee who had been shot multiple times. Lee was later pronounced deceased at South Georgia Medical Center (SGMC).

Detectives from the Valdosta Police Department and a Crime Scene Technician from the Valdosta/Lowndes Regional Crime Laboratory responded to the scene. The investigation stemmed from multiple fights at 604 South Oak Street, Southside Recreation Center, which is a privately ran recreation facility and not part of the Valdosta/Lowndes Parks and Recreation Authority. The fights escalated outside the center to the corner of South Oak Street at Kinchen Lane where Lee was found shot.

Within a few hours of the incident, Valdosta Police Detectives developed significant evidence to determine a 16-year old Kevin Johnson was the shooter during the incident.

Detectives contacted a Superior Court Judge since Johnson is a juvenile and obtained arrest warrants for Johnson for Aggravated Assault, Felony Murder, Possession of a Firearm During the Commission of a Crime, and Possession of a Firearm Under the Age of 18. Additional charges made be forthcoming.

Information provided by Valdosta Police Department

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21 Comments on "Valdosta > 16-year Old Charged with Felony Murder"

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  1. Tank Cashinson says:

    Thug Life.

    • Dallas says:

      Exactly right and they are proud of the thug life. If no one believes me, talk to those who teach and work with middle school kids who are watching all of this unfold in front of them……

  2. Penny Shenton says:

    The death of Soloman Lee comes as a shock to friends, teachers and community. Soloman was a fine young man, who apparently was at the wrong place at the wrong time. Our hearts ache for his fine parents, sisters and brother.

    • Tank Cashinson says:

      When bad things happen to people they tend to always be “In the wrong place at the wrong time”. However I am going to out on a limb here and say that since he was out at 0130 in the morning in an area known for this type of activity then I am sure he wasn’t just out spreading the “good word”.

  3. Reggie Osborne says:

    Lord have mercy. We need to help our youth. We need to shift attention to them and develop programs to help them. Its time for the community to take a stand. This is a concern for all races of people. I’m saddened every time I hear of any type of killings especially when it involves young people. What can we do to help our youth? Why some much violence among our youth? What are we doing as a community to reach our youth? As a young man who has a family living in Valdosta ,I am committed to reaching out to the youth that I come in contact with. I employ everyone to do the same. Even if it seems like they aren’t getting the point keep hammering and eventually they will retain the wisdom you give them. Its time for the VALDOSTA FAMILY/COMMUNITY TO RISE UP if we want to see positive change in our community.

    • Tank Cashinson says:

      It’s not so much a Youth problem as it is a culture problem.

      • Reggie Osborne says:

        well in order to fix a culture problem you have to start with the youth. the children are the future . if we can reach them young and teach them when they are young then it will translate over when they reach adulthood. you have to teach them values and good morals when they are young. our society has drifted away from that kind of teaching.

    • Rsj says:

      Well it happened at a recreation center built to help kids… I think things like this will continue to happen because our society is numb to violence, it’s just going to get worse… children are exposed to so much at such an early age and they don’t use imagination anymore it’s all about what they learn even the cartoons are violent these days,so until we get the technology our kids are exposed to under control, I see no end to the senseless violence this is only a glimpse of what is to come. Stop having children to get a check and teach the ones you have about love and peace and stop the breeding of hate. The world is overpopulated with narcissistic humans people who think they are owed things they don’t deserve just because of the situation they were born into. It’s ignorance and you know how gard it is to fix stupid???

      • Tank Cashinson says:

        Yea because video games and cartoons cause violence. Please tell uswhat Tv shows and video games they were playing during the crusades.

    • David says:

      The first question I have is why was a juvenile out at 1:23am? Where are his parents? As my mother said “Nothing good happens after midnight”!!!

      We need more parental involvement with children and they need BOTH parents!!!

      • Reggie Osborne says:

        I agree. Charity starts at home. Parents need to stand up and be better parents to there children. We have to take back our homes and be the commanders and chief that will lead our children into a better life for themselves.

      • Tank Cashinson says:

        You don’s need both parents, just at least a good one.

  4. Dallas says:

    The “Valdosta/Family Community HAS tried in the past to “rise up”, for example, following the multiple shooting some years ago in Hudson Dockett…when a group representing the Valdosta Family/Community (educators, pastors, local and county government, law enforcement) met, the wonderful Floyd Rose bluntly told us all that “white people cannot do anything to help and we don’t want your help, we can do this ourselves.” Well, obviously not…..and this will never change because no one really wants it to change….this sort of violence is always a good excuse for blaming everything except the collapse of African American families….it is always someone else’s fault and that will always stop any real initiative to prevent this kind of violence….so get used to it… will only get worse….

    • Reggie Osborne says:

      we aren’t doing enough to “rise UP’ we cant be progressive when only half the community wants to make a difference while the other half really doesn’t care. that’s the fact.

  5. johnny says:

    Wow! I am so tired of hearing, the old adage,”he was a good kid.” Whether he was a thug or not, that was the image he portrayed. “you about that life and carry yourself in that manner, then you are apt to suffer the consequences that sometimes come along with the territory.” just tired of kids who had dire misfortunes always being portrayed as good and upstanding young men. There is no such thing as, he/she got with the wrong crowd. You are the crowd.

  6. Stop the Violence says:

    It is so sad that you people are on here trying to figure out if this young man was a thug or not when he has family and friends that are grieving his death. I’m sure when things happen with white kids it’s okay to say he was a good kid when something happens. It doesn’t matter the color. I see it everyday, troubled kids of all COLORS. We as parents can teach our children core values and pray to God that our teachings are used when we’re not around. The bottom line is we can’t be with our children 24/7. This young kid had parents that work and wasn’t a part of the system. So it’s rater ignorant to even make a comment like this and you don’t know them. You can’t judge a book by it’s cover. There are just as many white children doing things as blacks but as soon as it’s a black child he/she wasn’t properly raised. Please!!! I would be just ignorant as you all if i were to assume that white kids shoot up schools were on welfare or in the system. I don’t care how much money you have or your economic status will not guarantee that your child will not end up in any type trouble. Stop getting on the computer and hiding behind a screen name. Stand up for our youth or Sit down and Shut up!!!

  7. These tragedies are because of blaming others instead of stepping up and taking responsibility. If the leaders or those that call themselves leaders would put aside their pride and hunger for power and be responsible adults, our community, state and country could help this problem.
    Discipline and structure was taken out of the schools, everything that happens has to be black vs white . Well black and white young people are dying, going to prison, have substance abuse, committing suicide, drop out of school. Here’s the REAL BLACK and WHITE:
    Our country is in deep trouble, our young people are dying, making everything racial is going to destroy this country.

  8. Rex Reed says:

    When our school children stop having babies and our daddies step up like a real man and become a father, then, and only then, will this generation stop the madness of thug life. Maybe this should be preached from the pulpit, the classroom, and over the dinner table.

  9. OldSchoolWorks! says:

    Put God (prayer), pride in our country (the Pledge of Allegiance) and respect for your elders/discipline (give principles their wooden paddles back) back in our schools!!! I know this all needs to be home taught as well but it’s not. My butt was black and blue and my mouth popped many times for back talking and disrespecting and I was scared to death of my teachers/principles (elders) and I grew up just fine. I was not “abused” by being TAUGHT manners, morals and respect! Those switch marks on the back of my legs and tail healed just fine. I am a law abiding productive citizen, held a job since I was 16, raised 3 awesome kids who do not do drugs and are productive citizens themselves, and I love God and my country and still respect my elders!!