Georgia > Groups Opposing Deal’s Education Plan Speak Out

| February 24, 2015

school bus action shot

ATLANTA — Education groups largely opposed Gov. Nathan Deal’s proposal allowing the state to take over schools dubbed “chronically failing” are speaking out.

The Senate Education committee on Monday heard more than an hour of testimony. Deal’s plan would let an appointed superintendent select up to 20 schools deemed failing each year and make them into charters, close them or overhaul management.

Jimmy Stokes is the executive director of Georgia Association of Educational Leaders. He told committee members that Georgia should look to its own well-performing districts rather than states like Louisiana or Tennessee where a takeover model is being used.

The change would take a constitutional amendment, requiring two-thirds approval from lawmakers and a statewide ballot planned for 2016.

The committee plans to hear more testimony on Wednesday.

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5 Comments on "Georgia > Groups Opposing Deal’s Education Plan Speak Out"

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  1. tmswilley says:

    I may be wrong hear but I’m guessing the GAE represents the teachers and they are more important due to the probability that they support the GAE with $.

  2. Tank Cashinson says:

    Kind of like the blind leading the blind.

  3. stef07 says:

    They also need to be worried about Governor Deals proposal to do away with benefits for bus drivers and cafeteria workers. If they pass this I have spoke with many drivers that stated they would not be driving. Someone stated they received a letter from insurance stating the premium for a husband and wife under a cobra plan would be $1100 that would mean you would be working for nothing plus having to pay out. Parents and schools need to get behind these workers because if they are worried about school failing now what will it be like when teachers, elective teachers, principals, superintendent & office personnel have to teach, cook, and drive the kids.

  4. Tank Cashinson says:

    However the other side of this is should a Bus driver who works…4-5 hours a day only during the school year still get benefits of skilled worker?