Florida > Senate Considers Campus Gun Carry Bill

| February 17, 2015


TALLAHASSEE — The Florida Senate is considering allowing concealed weapons on college campuses.

Senate Bill 176, sponsored by Greg Evers, recently passed a 3-2 committee vote and will be moving on to the next of three more committees before it is allowed to face a vote in the full senate.

If passed, Florida would become the ninth state to allow concealed weapon carry with permit on college campuses.

It is a bill that is hotly debated currently, but has gained momentum after the tragic library shooting at Florida State University last year.

Last week, all 12 of the presidents of Florida universities, university chiefs of police and the Florida Board of Governors publicly came out against the measure.

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2 Comments on "Florida > Senate Considers Campus Gun Carry Bill"

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  1. Ron says:

    Can the campus police keep all the students safe? No, of course not, that is why campus carry is important.

    Self protection is essential to a free and safe America. Why would our institutions of higher learning forbid it?

    • Tank Cashinson says:

      Because a lot of college students do not have the training or common sense to use a firearm. I am all for the right for people to carry but just because one has a gun doesn’t mean they know how or when to use it.