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| February 27, 2015


Harvard Business Review

We all forget to do things every now and then. But setting reminders on your phone can help you keep track of smaller tasks, so you can finally tame your to-do list.

Unlike a task list, your phone can feed reminders to you one at a time.  Choose an application that runs on your work computer and phone and any personal devices.

The whole point of a reminder, as opposed to a task list, is that it comes back to haunt you. So make sure that whenever you enter a reminder, you include a specific time when you want to be reminded. Since you’ll likely have reminders popping up throughout the day and evening, feel free to snooze them.

The point is not to get each thing done at a specific moment (for that, you’d use a calendar) but to keep them from falling off your radar. Just make sure you don’t actually dismiss something that hasn’t been done. And remember to turn on the “do not disturb” setting during presentations and conference calls.

Adapted from “Conquer Your To-Do List with Your Phone” by Alexandra Samuel.

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