Beckham > Social Media Claims Another Victim in Bell

| February 4, 2015


Chris Beckham, Host of The Morning Drive, Newstalk 105.9 WVGA:

Chris-BeckhamEditor:  On Wednesday’s edition of The Morning Drive, host Chris Beckham took time to discuss his thoughts on the use of social media to pressure Florida State University from fulfilling a scholarship offer to Lowndes High football standout Brian Bell.

Bell has been tied to the Kendrick Johnson controversy with accusations by individuals outside of law enforcement made that Bell, his brother and FBI agent father, have all been involved in an elaborate scheme related to Johnson’s death and a claimed resulting cover up.

Though no evidence has been produced to support these claims (in fact, evidence has been produced proving the Bell’s alibis in the case) individuals have made a concerted effort to paint the Bells’ in a guilty light and create issues related to, among other things, the rescinding of  scholarship offer at Florida State.

Here are Beckham’s comments from Wednesday morning’s show:


Valdosta Today will have more on this story later.

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  1. Heather says:

    Your doing he same thing on the show as social media with your opinion. I doubt seriously FSU made there decision soley on Social Media. This Georgia and $10,000 isn’t gonna make a cover up come to life. Smh #JUSTICE4KJ

  2. Hal says:

    Ben crump is one of the biggest DEMOCRAT fundraisers in FLORIDA. Believe that. Ask Nicky Rudnick about that. Im sure their on a firstname basis now after going to the same fancy DEMOCRAT fundraisers in Tallahassee together. And Ben crump is a huge reversed race baiter. Just google it.

    BUT HEY they gotta bread each others butter somehow.

  3. Nico says:

    The lawsuit is not the reason why his scholarship was revoked its because there is a current Federal investigation that is still on going. I keep reading people placing the blame on Ben Crump and his lawsuit. it has nothing to do with his lawsuit its about that federal investigation.

    I am glad FSU took this position why risk allowing a potential killer to attend that would put other students at risk

  4. JC says:

    These people are scary. They are thugs who just want to stir up trouble. I’m not sure if it’s the family or others involved in this whole mess, but they need to be stopped

  5. Marie says:

    I am a graduate of FSU. The media has absolutely crucified Jameis Winston and labelled him a rapist, even though he has been found innocent by Tallahassee PD, the State Attorney’s Office, and the FSU Code of Conduct hearing headed up but a retired FL Supreme Court justice. I have watched my university get trashed by ESPN, The NY Times, LA Times, TMZ, etc etc. His accuser even has a documentary coming out soon about her ‘rape’. Sorry but I agree with President Thrasher on this. I don’t care if there is 0% evidence against Mr. Bell, we at FSU simply can’t take on this baggage. Can you imagine the outcry? “First they have a rapist, now they sign a murderer.” Some other university is going to have to deal with this, but not FSU. We’ve already been raked over the coals mercilessly over Jameis Winston, and it’s simply not worth the negative press that Bell would bring.

    • LHS mother says:

      Fine, then expel Jameis Winston. Use the same standards for all your students. If your criteria about a student’s scholarship (remember, this young man gave up offers at other schools in order to pre-commit to FSU) is only based on “media attention” then expel every student who has ever been accused of anything, and expel Jameis Winston who is the focus of so much publicity (and he didn’t help himself by standing on a table and yelling obscenities in the school lunchroom). Don’t tell me that any school is “held hostage” by negative publicity. Your FSU President John Thrasher wants to placate Ben Crump and all his devotees (Crump donates a LOT of money to FSU) therefore FSU should be forced to reap the negative publicity they created by pandering to an attorney who makes his living trashing innocent people publicly. Shameful all the way around. I don’t think there’s a single administrator over there with any ethics. Florida State University football does not deserve this young man, who will be vindicated, and another school will get an excellent college football player and a good, Christian, god-fearing, young man. I hope that no football player from the great state of Georgia ever commits to FSU ever again. And I hope all parents whose children are looking for an academic institution find a school where the alumni are ethical and decent people, who don’t trash innocent people publicly.

  6. seleatha lee says:

    How in the hell does a person roll themselves up in a mat, I don’t know who rolled him up but some darn person did

    • cozy351 says:

      I can’t believe you actually typed that comment !!!!!

    • David W says:

      seleatha’s comment is the perfect example of the ignorance that keeps the kj conspiracy moving. They have a dozen completely absurd and inaccurate factoids to spam.

      @Nico, another half baked thought. The federal investigation has already excluded the Bells and there is not a shred of evidence that they should be.

      @marie, hypocrisy at its best. You are an embarrassment to FSU, and I am Alumni as well.

      Justice for KJ will be the end of the conspiracy theorists using KJs accident for monetary gain.

  7. Katie says:

    I absolutely think it’s ridiculous that FSU took the scholarship away from him. There is NO evidence that can link brian from the so called “murder”. People need to let it at rest and just let KJ rest in peace not saying people will forget how could they it’s lasted 2 years and still is but who am I say anything I’m just a senior at LHS. I’m not saying I support what happend or if my high school did cover something up but people need to let it go it’s affecting people who had nothing to do with the accident that had happened. KJ fell. That’s it no way could brian be involved yea he may have had conflict with him but who doesn’t have a conflict with someone they know. Seriously it was high school. Teenagers. Don’t people remember fighting or yelling at people in school because u didn’t like the way they looked or the way they acted around someone u knew. That’s the same thing that happened. So leave it alone, I thinks FSU should let him in. They should get over themselves and look at what the kid has. They can still let him in even if it is on open investigation. It’s their call and their aloud too.

  8. Robin Postell says:

    Respectfully, Brian Bell was not at the tournament. It was his brother, Branden, who was to be at the tournament in Macon.

  9. Robin Postell says:

    Brian Bell also made a statement that his mother worked at FSU, as does Charles Kelly, hired by Fisher to be the linebacker coach, shortly after Brian Bell made his verbal commit.

    As a journalist, it seems you are twisting this. Jimbo Fisher neglected to inform John Thrasher, FSU president, of Bell being a target.

    Jimbo Fisher, in Brian Bell’s own Tweet at 9:45 am January 11, pulled him out of class – which arguably is against NCAA rules. Fisher, however, has not been interviewed about this.

    I’m not saying Bell is guilty, and hope he is not.

    However, as a journalist, I cannot disregard the relevance of social media – especially when Bell himself asserted his own information.

    I’m going on facts. I have seen the investigative file and autopsy photos.

    I have nothing to gain from trying to imply anything, from either side.

    But this is cognitive dissonance in its finest form.

    Judging from other cases of positional asphyxia, none come close to the outcome of Johnson’s body. An elderly woman was in a near fatal accident and was hanging upside down in a car for nearly 3 days and blood, vomit did not explode from her head, even with her serious injuries.

    When the public have doubts, and information, they have a right to express this. As do you.


    • Renewsit says:

      Robin, you said the elderly woman had a “near fatal” car accident, so she wasn’t dead?

    • guest says:

      Brian Bell said “she works here” meaning in Tallahassee, she’s an account mgr for large territory. Your journalism skills on display all right.

  10. Robin Postell says:

    Neither was KJ, right?
    Isn’t that the premise of the accident theory?

  11. Will says:

    FSU did thought this would not be good for them they obviously found something that made the uncomfortable. And no the Feds have not finished there investigation. Why do you think he is still unsigned because people who do there do diligence thinks its best to leave Bell alone. There a lot of schools that could sign him know but nobody is offering why do you think that it is??????????

  12. matt says:

    Lets just say that a) the mat was standing up, rolled up and he dropped his shoe in it from the top: Why wouldn’t he just push over the mat and get his shoe? or B) the mat was rolled up and lying on the ground: How would his shoe get in there that far. In either scenario, there are two open ends to that rolled up mat. I really don’t know about all the details; but him getting lodged in that mat doesn’t make sense; especially if his shoes were found near his feet and not his head.

    • Tater Beauchamp says:

      Kids stored crap in the mats so they didn’t have to pay for lockers. Mats usually were stored on their sides. Mats were stacked on their ends to make room. Any contents fell to bottom. The mat the kid had used was towards the back. Kid climbed in to get his shoes head first and got stuck.

      They have proven through video, eyewitness testimony, and other forensic evidence that there is NO Way there was enough time for that kid to have been beaten and then stuffed into a mat, mats restacked, etc.
      Murder and coverups are just more newsworthy than basic common sense.

  13. Lindsay says:

    I’ve never listened to Chris Beckham before, but he’s made a fan out of me!
    Good job, sir. Glad someone with some common sense is speaking out!

  14. Agree Wholeheartedly says:

    Chris is by far the best news guy in this area, including all the TV stations and the mullet wrapper, better known at the Valdosta Daily Times.

    Keep up the good work.