Atlanta > School Officials Frustrated by Deal’s Plan to Take Over Failing Schools

| February 17, 2015


ATLANTA — In an effort to improve the plight of chronically-failing schools, Georgia Governor Nathan Deal has proposed providing the state authority to take over and operate those schools noted has “chronically failing.”

However, to do so, he will need a constitutional amendment which will take two-thirds approval before a statewide vote in 2016.  That would require the support of Democrats in the state capitol for the Republican governor.

The proposal has already created frustration by many school officials across the state who believe it would be more helpful to improve funding.  Many involved in education would like to see cuts in education funding restored allowing districts to manage these schools better themselves.

Still others have a different idea.

State Democrats will introduce a proposal this week to act as a alternative to Deal’s plan.  House Minority Leader Stacey Abrams noted in an AP article that Democrats first what to learn more from local students, parents and teacher in other states and how they are combating this problem.  No details of their plan has been provided to date.

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  1. Tank Cashinson says:

    So much work, so few dollars, and too many idiots in charge.