Atlanta > House to Consider Transportation Bill, Among Others

| February 9, 2015


ATLANTA — The state House is expected to consider key components of HB 170, the Transportation Funding Act of 2015, Monday at the Capitol.  It headlines other legislation under consideration in Atlanta.

HB 170, sponsored by Representative Jay Roberts of Ocilla, would fund nearly $1 billion a year in state transportation projects.  However, the bill has created controversy in how it derives funding through pulling certain taxes from local governments to the state.

House Bill 153 will look to punish individuals who practice law without a license by providing civil action damages.

This bill has been introduced by Representative Tom Weldon of Ringgold.  This bill attempts to address “witness only” real estate closings.  That is where an attorney not licensed to practice in Georgia prepares and submits real estate closing documents to a Georgia-licensed attorney who then acts as a “witness only” during the transaction’s closing.

This legislation will allow for civil action for a party who claims the documents were not properly executed.

The Senate has passed SB 2, the Career Education Dual Enrollment bill, sponsored by Senator Lindsey Tippins of Marietta.  It passed by a vote of 56-0.

The bill would allow a high school student who has completed ninth and tenth grade requirements for coursework and assessments to enroll in a post-secondary institution, a university of technical college, and work towards an associate degree, technical diploma or industry certification, while counting that coursework towards high school graduation requirements.

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