Athens > Encephalitis Claims Student Victim

| February 18, 2015

UGA Campus

ATHENS – A student at the University of Georgia has died from Encephalitis, per published reports.

Tanzila Alam, 18, died at the Athens Regional Medical Center on Monday.  Encephalitis is a swelling of the brain that results from an infection.

The University released a statement regarding Alam’s death:

“Athens Regional Medical Center has had no confirmed cases of bacterial meningitis nor any other communicable diseases within the past 7 days that require notification or follow up of exposed individuals. Due to the recent concern in the community about bacterial meningitis, we have been in contact with DPH and based on this review, we would like to confirm there is no public health concern.”

According to reports on WTOC in Savannah, Alam’s roommate, Brittney Gill, notified medical professionals to her condition.  Gill has since been advised by campus medical staff that she needed to take preventive medication.  She is concerned that more should be made of the death by school officials, per the report.

Despite the death, the University has issued no public health concern.  Reports stated that doctors involved in the case concluded the condition was caused by bacterial meningitis.

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