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| January 28, 2015

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VALDOSTA — The Lowndes County Commission is considering county-wide trash pick-up options after being informed by the current service provider that a rate increase would be needed.

This is the latest in the controversy that led to the County suing another provider, Deep South Sanitation, over providing an alternate service to the contracted provided, Advanced Disposal, who has the contract to provide county-wide service.

Advanced Disposal, who purchased the contract and business from Veola Sanitation, now states the contract is too low and they are losing money on the service.  Advanced proposed to the County to raise the per location rate to $12.88.  This, however, opens up the potential for the entire contract to be restated.

Lowndes County Chairman Bill Slaughter told WCTV that “because Advanced Disposal has asked for a rate increase, the Commission in turn has asked that we grant the increase then we certainly want concessions. One of those concessions are that there be an additional hauler allowed in Lowndes County, which will then give the citizens of Lowndes County a choice”.

Valdosta Today will have more from Deep South Sanitation.

Slaughter stated no decisions have yet been made.  However, he did state on an interview on The Morning Drive with Chris Beckham on Tuesday that he had been in contact with Deep South and they were part of the discussion.

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  1. Fed Up says:

    Advanced assured us they would hold the price for several years, now they are “bleeding money” and need an increase.They didn’t know how much it was going to cost them to operate? Of course they did, this was the plan all along, give us no other options and then raise rates, too bad Deep South ruined their plans. If they want a rate increase require them to open at least one transfer station so I can take my trash off on MY schedule not theirs. Maybe their rate increase will make Deep South’s rate more competitive; the local small guy knew more about running a trash collection business than the big guy, who’d of thought?

  2. John Q. Public says:

    Here’s an idea: Why not get the county out of making economic decisions for residents. Let them pick their own trash company based on whichever gives the best service at the best price. The city should do the same thing.

  3. billeeg says:

    Do some of you remember when this landfill was being permitted ? They promised the commission ” No Outside Trash ” and broke that agreement in the 1st month.. Do you ever wonder why this company changes names so often? my bet is to AVOID liability when the liner leaks… Why would anyone believe these LIARs ? What organization controls the GARBAGE industry ? from CHICAGO ? duh Probably should check some of our elected bank accounts, gun cabinets, or toy sheds…. duh-huh

  4. Jimmie Moore says:

    Ever since Advance disposal has been doing trash pick, the highway trash is worse than ever. All along highway 41 has become such an eyesore due to trash blowing out of the truck. The surely need a closed system. They also leave emptied containers out in the street for cars to have to go around. No government entity has the right to force citizens to use certain companies in a free enterprise system.

  5. Shalyn Wilson says:

    I started out with Advanced. In over a year they only picked up my recycling bin twice. Only then after numerous calls. I cancelled my plan with them at the END of my 3 month cycle. They billed me Five dollars and x amount of cents. Now aprox a year later after I signed on with Deep South they have turned me over to Credit Bureau for Fifty Five Dollars. No notice no explanations. They want me to pay for 3 months service I NEVER recieved on top of service they promised but did not do when I was with them. I will not pay Advanced a single penny so if Lowndes county wants me to keep my little corner of the world clean. It would be best to let Deep South continue!!!!!

  6. Rex Reed says:

    Why is Lowndes County even involved??? As a community, are we that anti-business? What happened to free enterprise and empowering the individual to make choices best for himself? It makes me sick that we have become a society of people unable to function without big government telling us what is good for us! Come on sheeple, get a backbone.

  7. Halarious says:

    Important issues like gun violence and education never get a commit, but mess with my garbage and the thread lights up like the Vegas strip.

    South Georgia smart ain’t we?