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| January 30, 2015

unnamed-22Allison Ericson, Valdosta Today News Director:

VALDOSTA — Yesterday, Jan. 29, Valdosta Police Officer, Trey Kenneth Gandy was arrested and charged with Tampering with Evidence, Theft by Taking, and Violation of the Oath of a Public Officer. 

Today, Jan. 30, Brian Childress, Valdosta Police Chief addressed officer Gandy’s case in a press conference. Chief Childress explained that Gandy filed a report stating that he had dropped off two shotguns and a watch into evidence. When the owner of the shotguns and the watch came to claim the items only one shotgun and the watch were available. He then explained that he had two shotguns not one.

VPD investigators were notified of the discrepancy and proceeded to look into Gandy’s false report. Chief Childress then directed the detective bureau to initiate a criminal investigation and Gandy as a suspect.

“The direction I gave them was try to interview the person who found the items, the owner of the items, and then we will get officer Gandy in here, which was off duty yesterday and we will talk to him,” Chief Childress said. 

“Yesterday evening when officer Gandy came to the police department at our request he was brought to the interview room and like any other citizen, was read his rights and he was interviewed,” Chief Childress said. “Initially he was not up front with us but eventually myself and some detectives talked to him then he admitted that he in fact kept the shotgun versus turning the shotgun in.”

Chief Childress further explained that he fired Gandy and issued him a termination letter before he was arrested and taken to Lowndes County Jail.

“It is what it is and I regret it happened but what does give me some comfort and I hope gives the public some comfort is my folks immediately identified it, did documentation, sent it to my office and we did the right thing,” Chief Childress said. “Certainly you don’t want these things to happen, I know it looks bad but we treated officer Gandy like any other citizen, we gave him no special treatment and in fact he lost his job over it in addition to being arrested.”

There were no other officers involved in the theft and this was a first time offense for Gandy.

Chief Childress said, “We try to do the right thing, I know we aren’t perfect, but we will self correct when we make mistakes.”

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  1. Fatwa Arbuckle says:

    I’ve got a fiver that says the union will eventually get Gandy his job back.

    • Tater Beauchamp says:

      No they won’t. This is one of those cut and dry cases. Best he can hope for is a reduced sentence with no jail time.

  2. PEACE says:

    Well find out who tampered with the evidence in Kendrick Johnson’s case. Explain why his MOTHER wasn’t allowed to identify her son’s body.

  3. Megan says:

    Well done, Chief.

  4. Fed Up says:

    VPD is a class act under Childress.