Florida > Surgery on Conjoined Twins Conducted in Jax

| January 2, 2015

Jacksonville Wolfson

JACKSONVILLE — Conjoined twin boys entered surgery at Wolfson Children’s Hospital in Jacksonville Friday to begin a long process to obtain separation.

The two boys, Carter and Conner, were joined at the abdomen when they were born less than a month ago.  The 7-hour surgery, begun Friday at 8:30, attempts seal their open abdomens, part of a longer process to obtain full separation.

According to reports in the Florida Times Union, the boys were born in mid-December to Bryan Mirabal and Michelle Brantley, delivered via C-Section.  They remained at the Wolfson Neonatal Intensive Care Unit since birth.  Reports state the boys share a liver and intestinal tract.  Their stomach area is open and has been covered in plastic to prevent exposure.

The surgery Friday was to divide the intestinal tract and close the stomach opening so the twins can receive formula or breast milk instead of receiving nourishment via IV.

A family member also told the paper in an interview that the children’s mother will also be able to do something she’s yet to experience:  Holding the children.

This surgery will be followed by others including separating the boys’ liver, which is scheduled to occur in about 6 months.

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