Lowndes > Lowndes County Commission Favors Anti-Dog Chain Ordinance

| January 28, 2015


LOWNDES — On Tuesday, Jan. 27, Lowndes County Commission decided in favor of the anti-dog chain ordinance proposed by, Veterinarian Dr. Amanda Hall.

Tom Hochschild,  Lowndes County Commissioner said, “Pet ownership entails a responsibility to protect the animal from harm, and to protect human beings from the animal. If a person can not handle these responsibilities, they should not be a pet owner.”

Bill Slaughter, Lowndes County Commission Chairman said the ordinance would not be dropped and that they will be taking a serious look at it.

“Folks, we understand the passion that you have for your pets, and for pets in general and the care that they are given, and the love you give them, we understand. We also have tough decisions to make, and we’ll have to look at all of these issues and how it’s going to affect everyone, as well as how it will affect the pets in general,” Slaughter said.

The issue with dogs being chained up outside is that they often do not have the access to water, food and shelter. Another issue is that these pets are not able to socialize well with other animals and people, in return making them aggressive towards both.

“You know, there’s two kinds of people who tie dogs. I’m working on a house right now getting it ready to rent, and the lady next door will tie her pit bull to a cast-iron pipe that holds up the carport,” real-estate agent, Allan Canup said. “But when she does it, she’s out there with the dog. She sets up a lawn chair, and she simply does it because she does not have a fenced yard, and I don’t see a problem with that.”

Jeff Creamer, Veterinarian and owner of Baytree Animal Hospital expressed his concerns with tethering animals outside.

“You may not think that has a lot to do with tethering and so forth, but a lot of those patients who are poorly socialized are more likely to bite and more likely to get poor care,” Creamer said.

Not only do these pets have social anxiety but often times their collars are embedded into their necks from lack of care. Outdoor animals can also attract multiple parasites and diseases.







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  1. Samantha Radloff says:

    This law has NOT been passed. This is only the beginning of the process. It will at least be 2-3 more months until it goes through every step.

  2. Samantha Radloff says:

    They also did not decide in favor of it. I was at the meeting, and they still have discussing to do. If and when they do vote in favor of it, then more steps will happen.

  3. Samantha Radloff says:

    From Dr. Amanda Hall: This is just the beginning of the process (sort of), I have been working on the ground work for over a year. The next step is for the BOC to get educated on the topic, decide exactly what ordinance they would like to put forward and give the public time to voice their opinion on it. It will not be voted on for 2-3 months at the earliest. That is why it is so very important that people write and call the commissioners and show up to council meetings-wearing gray of coarse. Also, we need people willing to get up and speak at each meeting.

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