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| January 18, 2015


ATLANTA — The date has been set for the execution of Warren Lee Hill, convicted of the brutal murder of a fellow prison inmate.  It will mark the second execution in Georgia this month.

Georgia Attorney General Sam Olens released information that Hill is currently scheduled to be executed on Jan. 27, 2015 for the murder of Joseph Handspike.  Hill has concluded his direct appeal proceedings and his state and federal habeas corpus proceedings.

Olens office released details of the crime Hill was convicted of and for which he has been sentenced.

Hill Warren

Warren Lee Hill

In August of 1990, Hill and the victim, Handspike, were both incarcerated for murder at the Lee Correctional Institution. Hill was serving a life sentence for murdering his 18 year old girlfriend, Myra Wright, in 1986 by shooting her 11 times.

During Hill’s trial for the Handspike murder, a Lee correctional officer testified that at 5:10 a.m., he heard a loud noise emanating from the inmates’ sleeping quarters in Wing C. Upon entering the wing to investigate, the officer witnessed Hill bludgeoning the victim, who was lying in his bed. The officer quickly returned to his station, called for backup, and opened the security gate to allow other officers to enter and assist. He then returned to the scene and saw that Hill had ceased beating the victim. The officer demanded that Hill surrender his weapon, and Hill complied handing over the board he had used in the beating.

A correctional officer and the other witness testified that the victim was attacked while he was sleeping, and that he was unable to defend himself. Witnesses testified the board used to murder the victim was a “2 x 6 that had been trimmed down to a leg,” and that the board had been a support for a sink in the bathroom of Wing C at the institution. In addition, there was testimony that several nails protruded from one end of the board.

In regards to the victim’s injuries, a correctional officer testified that the victim was badly beaten in the upper body and face. The victim was bleeding profusely from his wounds, several teeth were knocked out and his left eye was detached from the socket. The victim, who was still conscious, attempted to raise himself and speak to the correctional officer; however, he was unable to speak and had blood pouring from his mouth.

Following the attack, the victim was taken to the hospital where an emergency room doctor attempted to save his life for approximately one hour and fifteen minutes. The victim was subsequently pronounced dead from blunt head trauma.

Inmates who witnessed the attack testified that Hill’s attack on the victim looked similar to someone “. . .chopping wood with an axe” and during the attack saying, “You ain’t bad,” or “You ain’t bad now.”

Hill requested to appeal to the United States Supreme Court, which was denied June 4, 2012.  On Jan. 16, 2015, the Superior Court of Lee County filed an order, setting the seven-day window in which the execution of Warren Lee Hill may occur to begin at noon, Jan. 27, 2015, and ending seven days later at noon on Feb. 3, 2015.

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  1. Tater Beauchamp says:

    They need to put in an express line.

  2. DeanO says:

    KILL the KILLERS Expand DP to all 50 states. This scum bag should have been executed 7 years ago. Justice delayed is justice denied.