Georgia > Films Continue to Pump Money Into State

| January 16, 2015


ATLANTA – When you see discussion of the upcoming movie Selma, don’t just remember the event itself.  Also consider how the making of the movie brought money into Georgia through the state’s motion picture industry.

The movie, which is up for Academy Awards, including Best Picture, recreates the events surrounding Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s march for Civil Rights decades ago.

Today, Georgia’s attention to courting and facilitating the making of motion pictures in the state brings in millions of dollars in economic impact.  Core in-state film and television businesses employ 23,000 Georgians, supports over 77,000 Georgia jobs, and pays $1.6 billion in wages.

The Motion Picture Association of America released figures Thursday showing that over the 95 days of filming Selma in Georgia, the production pumped more than $10.3 million into local economies, and hired close to 1,900 Georgia-based cast, crew and extras. The production paid over $5 million in wages to more than 400 Georgia crew members.

From wardrobe purchases, car rentals, lumber, hardware, supplies, and lodging, the economy also benefited from 3,000 nights in hotel rooms, at a cost of $375,000.

In addition to jobs and wage revenue, the film industry also is a catalyst for improved infrastructure, tourism and highlights the attractiveness of the state to others, according to the Georgia Department of Economic Development.

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