Victims Sue for Predator Lottery Winnings

| December 29, 2014
Timothy Poole, WFTV Photo

Timothy Poole, WFTV Photo

ORLANDO — Victims of sexual predator in Orlando want the winnings of more than $2 million he won in the Florida Lottery.

A lawsuit was filed in Orange County, FL, according to reports posted by WFTV, by alleged victims of sexual battery by Timothy Poole.  Poole was arrested in 1999 related to charges of sexual battery of a 9-year old boy.  The lawsuit was filed by victims claiming damages related to events which occurred when they were 9 and 5 at the time of the crime.

Poole denied the charges at the time, but still pleaded guilty to attempted sexual battery and was sentenced to time served in jail and released.  Later, Poole’s probation was revoked for failure to appear at counseling sessions.

The lawsuit seeks damages for pain and suffering.

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