Severe Weather Strikes Valdosta; Workers Trapped in Debris

| December 29, 2014
Photos courtesy Adam Davis

Photo courtesy Adam Davis, Facebook

VALDOSTA — Severe weather caused extensive damage to structures at the Langdale Industries woodyard on Monday, trapping at least 2 workers in the debris.  At least 5 workers were taken to South Georgia Medical Center for treatment of injuries.

At around 11:30 Monday morning, severe weather created a scenario capable of producing a tornado as warnings were posted.  The storm created damage at the Langdale Industries wood yard on Madison Highway, damaging several structures, according to reports.

Further details will be available soon.


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18 Comments on "Severe Weather Strikes Valdosta; Workers Trapped in Debris"

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  1. John Doe says:

    I was across the street at TLC millwork and watched it all unfold. Horrific sight. Hope and pray everyone is okay.

  2. Gracie says:

    My dad works at that building, thank goodness he didn’t have to go to work today. He is saving lives there!

  3. Cristian says:

    Where is the tornado heading

  4. Gwen Smith says:

    I pray the Lord covered all my family and friends in Valdosta during the tornado. I pray no one was hurt, in Jesus’s name.



  6. Lynn Smith says:

    My sons work here I havent heard anything til now about this I hope they were at home when this happen

  7. Calvin says:

    My mother was at work in the same area matter fact across the road from Langdale at Sunset Farms Foods when it hit but thank god everyone is alright except those who may have been injured. May the lord and the force be with them as we pray for a quick and full recovery

  8. Can any one give me more details. My husband was there today at the court house. Our cell phones are out of service and I can not call him to see if he is alright. Any news will be hekpful.

  9. Kyle Vickers says:

    My brother and his boss were the two trapped in the collapsed building. They got them out in about an hour and my brother is fine his boss has a broken leg and pelvis which I understand was the worst of the injuries. The building collapsed in just as he dove into a bathroom and the toilet and sink were the only thing that staopped the walls from falling in on top of him. They are lucky to be alive!