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| December 15, 2014

State News

Lee Henderson, Newstalk 105.9 WVGA:


The Atlanta Journal Constitution has, through an open records request, reported that 11 out of 50 physicians working in Georgia state prisons were hired to treat inmates despite prior citations for various forms of misconduct.

Four physicians were hired despite failing to diagnose or treat medical conditions that led to patient deaths.

Georgia Correctional Health Care, a branch of Georgia Regents University, hires and supervises many physicians working in state prisons. The organization’s director, Dr. Billy Nichols, says the prison doctors are hired after lengthy interview processes and their work is regularly monitored.


For the second year in a row, Georgia will grow faster than the rest of the United States in 2015, according to an economic forecast the University of Georgia.

Georgia’s economy will expand by 3.2% while the rest of the country will do so at a 2.8% rate, according to forecasters at the Selig Center for Economic Growth. The Peach State will also add jobs faster: 2.3% compared to 1.8% for the rest of the country.

Since the recent recession, Georgia’s recovery has been slower than the rest of the country, and its unemployment rate higher. The prediction from the Selig Center for Economic Growth holds that Georgia job growth and limited growth in the labor force will impact Georgia’s unemployment rate which should drop from 7.3% to 6.7% next year.

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