SGMC Volunteer Auxiliary Presents Stockings To Newborn Babies

| December 23, 2014


VALDOSTA — December is the time of year when we celebrate a myriad of traditions; however, the common celebration for Christians is the birth of Christ. The significance of this event resonates through homes across the world and warms the hearts of countless many.

At South Georgia Medical Center, we, too, celebrate birth during the Christmas season–the births of the newly welcomed children of our community. For many years, the SGMC Volunteer Auxiliary has dedicated their time to delivering handmade Christmas stockings to new babies born the week of Christmas and this year the tradition continues. It is with great joy and love that the volunteers give their time to welcome these new additions and continue their stocking legacy.

The Forsythe family is one of the first families to receive a Christmas stocking this year from the SGMC Volunteer Auxiliary with the birth of their baby boy, Chance. “This is the best Christmas present ever,” said parents Josh and Alisha Forsythe. SGMC would like to wish everyone a Happy Holiday season and a healthy New Year.

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Meghan N. Schunhoff: Planning & Marketing Division Media Specialist

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