Missing Girl, 13, Found with Florida Man, 18

| December 10, 2014

State News

PAULDING COUNTY — Investigators in Paulding County have not yet determined whether a 13-year old Paulding County girl left on her own or was taken by an 18-year old Florida man.  She was found safe as a result of a traffic stop near Macon on Tuesday

Keith-Dubel-W-M-18-YOAAccording to reports in the Atlanta Journal Constitution, Paulding County officials stated the minor met the Florida man, Keith Alan Dubel, 18 of Ft. Pierce, FL, online.  She was reported missing from a friend’s house Sunday morning where she had spent the night.  Her family told investigators she had met Dubel online and there may have been a kidnapping.

A regional alert was issued for the girl by local officials, alerting law enforcement in other areas.

Later on Sunday, a Twiggs County deputy stopped a Dodge Charger on I-16, southeast of Macon.  He found the driver, Dubel, and the 13-year old.

The AJC report stated the Paulding County officials as stating the Twiggs County officer suspected a problem due to the nervousness of the two individuals and the smell of marijuana coming from the passenger’s side of the vehicle.

Dubel was later arrested and charged with window tint violation, impeding the flow of traffic, and possession of marijuana (less than 1 ounce).  Additional charges are pending further investigation.


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  1. Tater Beauchamp says:

    I like how he is an “18 year old MAN” but Mike Brown is still referred to as a TEEN.

  2. Corey Dubel says:

    This is unreal this kid isnt what they are claiming him to be in knowing dang well she went on her own will like how did he know where she was at unless she gave him the address but yet yall dont mention that he was in a wreck in 2002 that killed his dad in messed him up majorly.. Keith i love you bro imma push my music for you since you pushed me see you soon.