MacIntyre Park Middle School Student Stabbed

| December 22, 2014


Allison Ericson, Valdosta Today News Director:

THOMASVILLE — A 13-year-old student from MacIntyre Park Middle School is facing charges of aggravated assault after stabbing a classmate. The student is also facing suspension and criminal charges as well.

School officials said the students had a history of previous conflict. Police officials said the student ran up to the other student and stabbed him in the arm. The stabbed child was immediately sent to the hospital where he received stitches.

The student was charged with aggravated assault and bringing a weapon on school grounds. The student is suspended for 10 days, and after those days the school will hold a disciplinary tribunal to determine the students fate.

One of the students may not be returning to MacIntyre Park after the holidays.

In a WALB report it said, “Thomasville City Schools Superintendent Sabrina Boykins-Everett  said, ‘Students are very much aware of consequences when they no longer see their classmates sitting next to them in class following this type of incident.'”

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