Dalton Ranked as one of Least Educated Cities

| December 12, 2014


ATLANTA — The website 24/7 Wall Street has compiled a list of the least educated cities in the United States.  Dalton, in north Georgia, finished at number 2.

The site used data related to the percentage of residents with a bachelor’s degree or higher, median income and earnings, and poverty rate.

The self-proclaimed “Carpet Captial” was ranked with only 12.2% of its population with a 4-year degree, $37,659 in median household income (17th lowest), and a poverty rate of 21.8% (38th highest).

Here’s what the site said of Dalton:

“The labor market in Dalton may demand qualifications many college graduates do not possess. More than 35% of the area’s workforce was employed in manufacturing last year, second only to the Columbus, Indiana, metro area. Many of these workers were likely employed by floor covering manufacturers, as Dalton is known as the carpet capital of the world. Like many other U.S. manufacturing centers, however, Dalton’s economy was hammered by the Great Recession. While pursuing higher education is a good investment in most of the country, college-educated Dalton residents received relatively low wages last year. Adults with graduate degrees made up just 5.4% of the population — one of the lower percentages — and had median earnings of less than $51,000, compared to over $65,000 nationwide.”

Lake Havasu City-Kingman, AZ was ranked as the least educated city, followed by Dalton and El Centro, CA in third.

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