Cherokee County Mom Pleads in Infant Daughter’s Death

| December 1, 2014

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CHEROKEE COUNTY — A 24-year old mother, charged with murder related to the death of her 16-month old daughter, has plead to lesser charges.

Jamie BeckJamie Beck of Woodstock plead guilty to cruelty to children in the second degree and providing false statements to police related to the 2012 death of her daughter.  She has been sentenced to 15 years, five years of which must be served in prison, according the reports in the Atlanta Journal Constitution and the Cherokee County District Attorney’s office.

Beck and her boyfriend, Michael Naples, were arrested in September 2013 following an 11-month investigation into the death of Kaylee Rayne Johnson, Beck’s daughter.  Naples trial is set to begin in January.

Johnson was found by Cherokee County Deputies in the basement of Beck’s Woodstock home.  Officers had been called to the house on a report of an injured child.  Beck stated that she found her daughter at the bottom of the basement stairs.  Beck stated at the time the injuries suffered by her daughter were the result of falling down the stairs.  The child was taken to the Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta hospital where she died from her injuries days later.

However, investigators later learned the injuries were caused by blunt force trauma to the head and not from a fall down the stairs.  Police called the event a homicide and filed charges against Beck and Naples.

Beck told officers, while entering her plea, that she did not see Naples hurt her child on the date of the call related to the child’s injuries, or any other time.  She admitted, though, that the child was repeatedly injured over a 3-month period while in the custody of Naples.  Beck continued to allow Naples to have control over her child despite claims she confronted him about abuse.

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  1. Tater Beauchamp says:

    Wow, 15 years with only 5 in prison. People who have done less have served more time. People like this need to just be taken out of the gene pool or at least sterilized.

  2. yukoza hanigatta says:

    I know the couple very well and i knew they
    Didnt murder that poor baby jamie just got tired of sitting in county jail waiting for a trial that seemed to never come she made false statements because she was scared and not too bright too begin with she was out of her mind because she just lost her youngest baby and micheal is a loving father of 2 a boy and a girl and out of the 15 years i have known him he never abused his daughter or his son there were never bruises or marks on his children he babied and cared for them with all of his heart while they were in his custody he was very active in there lives as a loving father and parent the man took martial arts and trained beside me for 10 years he is very disaplined and would never lose his temper with a child a man with his stregth and courage would never hit a child if he were to have ever struck that or any child with enough force to do fatal damage there would not be multiple wounds making it look as though the child was beat repeatedly there would only be 1 instant fatal blow and that would be it…the damage discribed sounds more like someone else in the family was abusing this child jamie and micheal were not the only one watching and caring for these children any one or more of this poor babies relitave could be the culprit and could have been abusing these children regularly and doing permenant damage which probly weaken the poor baby to where a fall down the stair would have put the poor baby over the edge this child was very small and frail and the fall down those stairs could have easily caused the injuries inflicted upon this child in the report the police lied about the stair conditions i have been to his house many times micheal is like a brother to me they cops said the stairs are carpeted but that is a lye the first 5 stairs out of 50 stairs are carpeted the rest are sharp jagged bare cold unforgiving wood leading to a solid bare concrete floor which would definately cause blunt force trauma to the head (think people this iscommon sense very small frail child +50ft fall down uncarpeted very hard wood stairs + impact on bare solid concrete =death) and it more than likley would cause the same result if it were an adult so if people want to try and judge people for a situation the know nothing about it would be a good idea to get more facts about the case instead of going off what you hear from the media ….because they have a tendency to lie so they can get better ratings just remember people god is watching us all judge not unless ye be judged only god really knows the truth and he judges us all someday so just remember that when you carry hate in your heart for someone you know nothing about if you wanna know anything and you are not a hate monger with no common sense reply to my comment i will answer any sensible questions you have