Business School | Stay Focused When Working from Home

| December 15, 2014

Business School

Harvard Business Review:

Working outside an office, without supervision, can be challenging.

Set a schedule to give your day structure and keep you motivated. Start the day as you would if you worked in an office: Get up early, get dressed, and try to avoid distractions once you sit down to work. This requires setting clear boundaries so your work life doesn’t blur into your home life, and vice versa. Set aside a separate space in your home for work, and make sure your loved ones understand that even though you’re home, you are off limits during work hours.

It may be tempting to work nonstop, but you need to take regular breaks. Give your brain time to recuperate after draining tasks. And schedule regular coffees and meetings with colleagues, clients, and work peers so you don’t feel too isolated.

Adapted from “5 Ways to Work from Home More Effectively” by Carolyn O’Hara.

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