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| November 3, 2014

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Stacy Bush, Valdosta Today Business Contributor:

In a study conducted at Yale and Princeton, psychologists gave undergraduate students questionnaires asking how they compare with their classmates in a variety of skills and tasks. For example, one question asked: “Are you a more skillful athlete than your average classmate?” The overwhelming majority of students responded that they are above-average athletes, drivers, dancers, students, and so on. Obviously, not all of them can be above average. The same issue of over-confidence exists among investors. It was easy in 1999 and 2000 for investors to delude themselves about their investing skills when a few lucky stock picks quadrupled overnight. However, consider how many of these genius investors were able to save their portfolios during the bear market that followed?

Quite simply, the old days of achieving steady returns through cookie-cutter approaches are over. Successfully navigating the turbulent investing world of today requires professional training, active management, and loyalty to a long-term, active investing strategy.

Investors who recognize and avoid these common pitfalls give themselves a great advantage in meeting their investment goals. Particularly in times of economic uncertainty and market turbulence, we believe that it is important to seek the advice of a financial professional when investing. A long-term investment strategy requires a personalized plan that takes into account your current and future needs, investment time horizon, and appetite for risk. This ensures that no matter what the markets are doing in the short-term, you know that your investments are working towards your long-term goals. It is critical that you develop the discipline to stick with your plan. That discipline is most important when markets are pulling back and investors’ fears can get the better of them.

Communication is a key factor in maneuvering through challenges. And the uncertain economic landscape only bolsters my belief that the values of trust, honesty and integrity are the pillars for a healthy client-advisor relationship. It is important to remember that in your “financial life,” just as in life in general, there will be ups and downs. However, with your continued trust and open communication, we will be prepared for whatever the future holds.

While it is impossible to predict what the markets are going to do in 2015, generally, each downside contains an upside somewhere else. We specialize in seeking out these upsides and diversifying our clients’ investments into different asset classes. Our goal in doing this is to help them smooth out the highs and lows, avoid the worst-case scenarios, and take advantage of the opportunities that exist.

One of the most important benefits of working with a professional financial advisor is the comfort of knowing that you have experts monitoring the economy and financial markets. We want to assure you that we diligently research current trends and use all the analytical tools at our disposal to help you make solid investment decisions. Above all, we want our clients to relax and enjoy the lifestyle that they have worked to build, knowing there is an experienced, vigilant hand at the tiller.

68658e5baf967471f25508d1fe9cc8b0_400x400Stacy Bush has practiced independent financial advising in the Valdosta area for 14 years. Growing up on a farm in Donalsonville, Georgia, he is keen to the financial needs of South Georgia and North Florida families. Stacy and his wife, Carla, live in Valdosta with their four children. You can submit questions about this article to

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