Deal Earns Four More Years; Perdue Avoids Run-off

| November 5, 2014

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Chip Harp, Valdosta Today Editor:

ATLANTA — Both of the hotly contested statewide races ended in decisive victories for Republican candidates as Georgia voters returned Nathan Deal to another four years in the Governor’s Mansion, while giving successful businessman David Perdue a shot in the US Senate.

Both races were expected to come down to a run-off when votes for Libertarian candidates were included.  However, both candidates swept aside opposition to earn victory outright.  It was just a piece of a dominate romp for the state GOP.

Deal defeated the grandson of former President Jimmy Carter, Jason, with 53% of the vote.  In Georgia, candidates are required to earn 50.1% of the vote to win an election.

Georgia Senate RacePerdue, cousin to former Georgia Governor Sonny Perdue and former CEO of both Reebok and Family Dollar, earned 53% of the vote against Michelle Nunn, the daughter of former Georgia Senator Sam Nunn.

Other statewide races were also swept by the Republicans, with Lt. Governor, Secretary of State, Attorney General and Agriculture Commissioner all staying in Republican hands.

National Democrats and Georgia Party Leaders had hoped Nunn’s position as a centrist candidate (in the same vein as her Democrat father) would draw enough moderate voters away from Perdue’s stand as a business-oriented candidate.  Millions were spent on trying to paint Perdue as a heartless business manager, but to no avail.  Voters saw him as someone who can bring a business mind to a Washington government system that is definitely broken.

Of further concern for Georgia Democrats, even Congressman John Barrow was defeated, meaning the last of the white democrat congressmen are gone in Georgia.

Georgia has not turned purple, as some pundits predicted.  It’s now a deeper red.

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