Book Review | “…And I Breathed” by Jason Garner, Former CEO of Global Music at Live Nation

| November 5, 2014

Book Review

This is the first of two feature segments from Lacey McLemore related to this book.  Next week we’ll have her interview with Mr. Garner – Ed.

Lacey McLemore, Valdosta Today Literary Correspondent:

Jason says it best on the first page of the preface of his novel.

“For as long as I can remember my friends have been telling me, “Someday you have to write a book.” But I never wanted to write the book they were talking about, the one men write as a last-ditch effort to get applause for their life’s accomplishments. In my case that would have been the one-in-a-million story of a poor boy, raised by a single mom, who goes on to become the confidant of stars of the music, sports, and business worlds. See what I mean? It’s just so gratuitously arrogant, and it’s not me.”

Book CoverBy beginning his book in this way, he says what he is sure everyone is thinking. Thus, he gets a laugh and a grin out of his reader by poking fun at himself, but more importantly, Jason also reveals his own humility which allows his reader to connect with him—one of the most stunning things about his book as well as his personality. Jason is not afraid to discuss the things that made him uncomfortable throughout his life, the emotions he experienced, and the awkward moments he learned from that make this book so compelling. He also isn’t afraid to discuss the way he loved himself, and others, along the way—even when it was hard. He is real and unconventional, and for this reason there isn’t a reader who won’t be able to put themselves in his shoes.

… And I Breathed will surely be classified by bookstores everywhere as a self-help book. But, in all honesty, this collection of essays written by what seems like an old friend, has nothing to do with helping oneself or changing oneself, and it surely can’t be classified. …And I Breathed is a novel that helps people love themselves, accept themselves, love others, and love life for everything it, and we, are. These are values so often left by the wayside when we have to pay our rent, lose ten pounds, or forgive someone.

AuthorSplendidly written, Jason’s is an authentic story with an even more authentic purpose—to help others and not himself. Jason doesn’t ask you to like him or accept him, but he does ask you to learn from him so that you may find the peace we all so desperately crave. Read my interview with this fascinating man to learn more about living in the moment, but read his book to learn more about entrepreneurship, Chinese Herbs, and the meaning of life.

37501_1331569365389_7267954_nLacey McLemore earned her undergraduate degree in the arts from Kennesaw State University and has recently been accepted into a Master’s Program which will allow her to, eventually, teach writing, literature, and other fine arts at the university level as well as the high school level. She is in hopes of graduating with her Masters’ of the Arts in Teaching English in July of 2016. Her opinion is not written to imply it is the only one, and discussion is welcome.

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