Bail Bond Enforcement Agents Go Too Far

| November 24, 2014


GWINNETT COUNTY — We’ve all seen television programs depicting bail bond agents tracking down fugitives on the run in an attempt to collect rewards.  Two Tennessee bond agents went way too far in pursuit of a fugitive…and over a traffic citation.

Kevin Roberson and Khalil Abdullah, both of Tennessee, were put in jail Monday after Gwinnett County police reported the two men kicked down the door of a Gwinnett County resident, held the occupants hostage at gunpoint, then kidnapped the wife of their fugitive suspect.  The fugitive was was wanted in Ashland City, TN for failing to appear on a traffic charge.

Police said the two men forcibly entered the home on Castlebrooke Way near Lawrenceville around 10:40 Sunday morning.  As the bond agents entered the house, the fugitive jumped out a window and fled.

The agents then searched the house and located the fugitive’s wife, who they handcuffed and took away in a pickup, according to Gwinnett police.

Police were called and arrived on the scene, prompting the agents to return.  They then told officers they were charging the fugitive’s wife with harboring and obstruction.  As the officers interviewed family members, the agents left again with the woman still in their custody.

Gwinnett Police quickly located the pickup truck and freed the woman.

The bond agents were arrested and charged, pending further investigation, with home invasion, kidnapping and false imprisonment.  Family members had video records of the event via their cellphones, so authorities have left open the possibility of additional charges.

Meanwhile, the fugitive is still at large as of late Sunday.

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