VSU President Addresses Sexual Assault Awareness

| October 1, 2014
VSU President McKinney - Allison Ericson Valdosta Today

VSU President McKinney – Allison Ericson Valdosta Today

Allison Ericson, Valdosta Today News Director:

VALDOSTA — In a press conference today, October 1, 2014, Dr. William McKinney, President of Valdosta State University addressed the issue of domestic violence and sexual assault on VSU’s campus. Sexual assault has been and continues to be a national issue on college campuses. The VSU President’s Special Committee on the Prevention of Sexual Assault is looking into multiple forms of prevention after a recent matter involving members of  VSU’s Sigma Nu fraternity.

Dr. William McKinney said, “68 percent of the students at Valdosta State University are women. Think about it, 68 percent and yet here we are in 2014 still having these conversations about how to best prevent sexual assault. This is 2014, one incident is one too many on any college campus, we have an obligation and Valdosta State will lead when it comes to fulfilling this obligation.”

This month, VSU’s student organizations will be participating in the “NO MORE” Campaign. The campaign is focused on promoting domestic violence and sexual assault awareness.

“‘NO MORE’ is a unifying symbol designed to guide and create awareness in domestic violence and sexual assault supported by major organizations working to address these issues,” McKinney said.

McKinney assigned the President’s Special Committee on the Prevention of Sexual Assault the task of assessing VSU’s strengths and weaknesses. The committee was asked to provide recommendations towards the prevention of sexual assault by the end of the year. The committee has conducted their official meeting and is working towards promoting awareness of domestic violence and sexual assault on VSU’s campus.

“To make recommendations to the president in areas to include but not be limited to; law enforcement, student development, policy, compliance, student health care, counseling, and residents life,” McKinney said.

Dr. Tricia Hale, committee chair and head of VSU’s Counseling Center is examining the university’s initiatives and evaluating where training and prevention of domestic violence and sexual assault needs to occur.

“We are looking at VPD training, for house staff training, for the counseling center training, for faculty and staff. We are also looking at the different programming elements that are on campus and that are on other campuses. We are also looking for the support of a victim who may come forward,” Hale said.

VSU currently has eight programs supporting sexual assault awareness. These include; Jeans for Justice, RAD and SAFE Classes, Educational Materials on Sexual Assault Prevention, The Relationship and Sexual Violence Prevention Website and Task Force, Sexual Assault Prevention Training for Students, Faculty, Staff, and Administrators, Revision of the NCAA Good Sportsmanship Statement, Sexual Assault Training for Student Affairs and Community Members, and newly added NO MORE campaign.

“We should never underestimate the abilities of our students themselves to be leaders, to take responsibility for their own actions. We as administration of Valdosta State are always here, not only for our own leadership, but to support and aide those students who are looking to do the right thing,” McKinney said.

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  1. phil singletary says:

    How about they do somethin other than talk?? It seems to me another author on this site and a vsc student is doing more then vscs own president. Quit talking about what your gonna do and just do it! What a joke. And nothing about the sigma new thing. Pathetic.

  2. ME says:

    Yes, what about Sigma Nu?