Two Valdosta Deaths Reported from Separate Altercations

| October 28, 2014

bullet-shells-shootingVALDOSTA — Two separate deaths occurred Monday night as a result of violent altercations at separate residences.

The first occurred about 11:00 p.m. Monday night.  Timothy Linder, 40, was at his home in the 1700 block of Marion Street when a person came to his residence.  There was an altercation with multiple shots being fired. Linder was seriously wounded inside the residence as a result multiple gunshot wounds. Linder was immediately transported to South Georgia Medical Center, where he later died.

Witnesses in the area were able to describe the suspect vehicle that fled the area immediately after the incident. Valdosta Police officers, from that description, later arrested a 16-year old suspect, Ricky Barron III of Valdosta, who has been charged with Armed Robbery, Felony Murder, and Possession of Firearm During the Commission of A Crime.

The second death occured Tuesday morning about 1:15 am.  Valdosta Police officers were called to a residence at the 1200 block of Tracy Lane. There they found the victim, 41-year old Zaentelyterrio Hardy with a knife wound to his body.

Witnesses said a domestic dispute had taken placed between Hardy and a woman who also lived at the residence.  Hardy was transported to South Georgia Medical Center where he later died.  The woman involved with the incident has cooperated with police as have witnesses. The investigation is currently ongoing and at this time no charges have been filed in the case.

Anyone having any further information, please call the Valdosta Police Department Bureau of Investigations at 229-293-3145 or the VPD Crime Tip Line at 229-293-3091.


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  1. JustGettingOld says:

    What happen to going out in the yard and smacking each other around a bit over disagreements then getting up and getting over it and on with life???? Life is PRECIOUS people!!! We are all someone’s daughter/son, mother/father, brother/sister, aunt/uncle, cousin/best friend and most importantly…we are ALL GOD’S CHILDREN!! Be a REAL man/woman and stand by your word when you give it. Don’t take advantage of your friends/family. RESPECT one another!! Such disregard for LIFE just breaks my heart. Totally and utterly senseless people! And just plain DUMB! Only cowards shoot folks cause they can’t communicate and act like mature grown ups. Self defense situations exempt.

  2. Old School answer given by Just Getting Old . We are in a new age. Keep up with the times or crawl back into your cave. 2bkck