Police Chief, Mayor Arrested for Solicitation of Men

| October 15, 2014

jail-bars-arrestedMOLENA, GA — Molena, Georgia Police Chief James Roberts, who is also mayor of Concord, Georgia, has been arrested on charges he used his position to solicit sex from young men, even providing one with county gasoline.

The Atlanta Journal Constitution’s Steve Visser is reporting that the GBI states through Sherry Lang of the Bureau, that they had on Wednesday arrested Roberts after an investigation into whether he used his position to gain the trust of at least two young men.  Roberts even provided one young man his personal code and key to obtain county-owned gas for his vehicle, according to Lang and the report.

The investigation also included a search of two city halls, one police station and Roberts’ home.  Charges brought against Roberts claim he sent obscene pictures to a juvenile on his city phone, Lang said. The two Pike County towns, about 50 miles south of Atlanta, each have approximately 370 people.

The investigation was initiated by the GBI, according to reports, after the grandparents of one of the young men complained Roberts was victimizing their grandson.

The Griffin District Attorney’s office will charge Roberts with two counts of solicitation of sodomy and one count of theft by conversion.


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