NCAA Source: Gurley May be Out for Season

| October 10, 2014
Brant Sanderlin, AJC

Brant Sanderlin, AJC

ATHENS — A person familiar with the investigation of Georgia running back Todd Gurley has told the Atlanta Journal Constitution’s Chip Towers on Friday that it’s a “significant” case of memoribilia sales.  Further, there is a possibility that Gurley will not be cleared to play again this season.

There appears, according to this quoted source, to be evidence supporting these claims, unlike similar previous cases like that of former Texas A&M quarterback Johnny Manziel.  Due to a lack of credible evidence, Manziel was only punished with a half-game suspension for similar accusations.

Regardless, the same sources note a public announcement regarding the investigation should be made next week.

The severity of the punishment is primarily linked to the amount of money Gurley may have received for the memorabilia he sold.  As of now, he is linked to $400 worth of sales, however reports have also noted the possibility of much more.  Per NCAA rules, punishment is dictated by a range of values of financial reward received.  The athlete is suspended for 10% of the games for $100-400; 20% for $400-700; and 30% for more than $700.  Cases noted as “substantial” may carry even more punishment, including repayment requirements.


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