Letter to the Editor | Understand Common Core

| October 29, 2014

Letter to the EditorCheryl Lea, Valdosta Today Reader, in response to Rep. Amy Carter’s Speech on Common Core:

Carter and Galloway need to do more research on Common Core before they go around trying to “educate” people about the so-called “misconceptions” of it!

There is a HUGE nationwide movement of parents, teachers, and citizens concerned for our children, who are rallying against Common Core. We have done our research and we are not confused or uneducated about Common Core. They Are!

Of course standards and curriculum are not one and the same, but Common Core standards leave little room for a teacher’s own interpretation, and when you have to teach specific methods and ideology in order for a student to be able to succeed on a standardized test, the standards and curriculum are enmeshed, and speaking of them as though they are independent of each other is no longer necessary or even truthful. And, yes, you can add 15% to the curriculum, but you can’t take anything away from Common Core, and the 15% that you add in, assuming you even have time to teach anything other than Common Core, will not be on the standardized test, so if not now, eventually, when teachers know that, they will not bother teaching that 15% anyway.

As for the math, if college-educated parents have to be educated on how to teach basic math to their elementary child, that, alone, is a red flag! Basic math is not difficult to teach, nor is it difficult to learn, for the majority of students, given they have the right curriculum and teacher. Adding multiple steps to a simple math problem, making numbers “friendly” and “happy,” turning multiplication and division into nothing but a series of addition or subtraction problems, needlessly complicates otherwise simple problems and causes terrible frustration on the part of the children, especially when they absolutely know the correct answer but are told their answer for the problem is wrong because they didn’t follow the Common Core way to find that answer.

Common Core is nothing but an attempt on the part of the federal government to try to make all children common, and to indoctrinate children with a liberal left ideology, that will fundamentally separate them from their own parents, so they will grow up following the government’s every whim, without question–and a handful of powerful people are getting filthy rich off of it! No one can excel under Common Core. And, the federal government is actively out to make American children fail in school so that they can step in as the hero in a few years, when the even more powerful federal dept of education will come to the rescue, and everyone will embrace the unconstitutional federal control of education, and we are one step closer to a complete loss of personal freedom.

Want to live in a socialist country? Then sit back and believe the lies that Common Core proponents keep spewing. If you enjoy a free America, then, do your own research. A lot of what is planned in Common Core sounds like the stuff of fiction, but the documentation–the proof–is out there and plenty of people are exposing more of it every day.

South Georgia Young Republicans, this is your time to stand up for the country you love, for the freedom you enjoy, and for the children who are being used as pawns by the federal government. You are young, but your voices are powerful. Don’t be duped by the Common Core marketing scam. Your generation, and every one after yours, is at stake!

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