Governor Deal Visits Valdosta

| October 30, 2014


Allison Ericson, Valdosta Today News Director:

VALDOSTA — Wednesday, Governor Nathan Deal stopped by the old Lowndes County courthouse while on his campaign bus tour to speak to Valdosta citizens. This will be Deal’s second bus tour, the first took place four years ago before he was elected as Georgia’s governor.

Deal’s campaign focuses on a number of items, the first being taxes.

“First of all we were hit pretty hard by the great recession, but we were determined that we were going to grow jobs for our citizens and we were not going to tax our way out of that recession. We actually cut taxes for those of you who filed joint tax returns with your working spouse, we have eliminated the marriage tax,” Deal said. “For businesses, including farms and other small businesses we have eliminated your estate tax so that hopefully we will be able to keep those businesses in your family.”

With a large family background in public education, the governor is focused on K-12 education funding. One of the three budgets Deal introduced to the general assembly was an increase in k-12 funding.

“Because our other programs have worked and because more jobs will be created in our state which will create revenue for the state of Georgia we were able to make the highest increase in k-12 funding that we have done in this state in seven years,” Deal said.

Deal believes that Georgia now has 300,000 plus more private sector jobs since he became governor. In 2013, Georgia was ranked as having the sixth highest number of job creation in the country.

“That means we were ahead of 44 others and a lot of those 44 others had bigger populations than we did,” Deal said.

“In the last two weeks we have had 1,800 new jobs announced in the state of Georgia, 500 of those 1,800 are in Jason Carter’s home county, Dekalb County,” Deal said. “Now those are the kinds of increases in job opportunity that all of us want, but here in agriculture country I think you all understand there is one very important ingredient that makes our agriculture economy work and our state’s economy work, and that is our number one industry, that is agriculture.”

Deal plans to export South Georgia’s agriculture through the port of Savannah. The port of Savannah has one of the highest volumes of imports and exports, many being agricultural goods.

“It is important that we be able to ship those goods out of the port of Savannah. We are going to live up to our promise that we made before the end of this calendar year, that we were going to make substantial progress towards deepening the port of Savannah and we are actually doing that right now,” Deal said.

Deal has more plans for the state of Georgia and hopes to be re-elected as governor for the next four years. The election between Deal and his opponent, Senator Jason Carter will take place on Nov. 4th.

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  1. Bryan Austin says:

    Our pro-gun legislation has been killed for the past three years by a SuperRepublican Majority in the Senate lead by Lt Gov Cagle and current Gov Deal. Read the following.
    “Here’s the long story, which I’m telling because you want info on Deal. This requires some explanation.
    Yes, EJR914, me, and a lot of others in Georgia have been actively pushing for a month or two now to help pass this legislation. Because of the Senate, we actually had to sacrifice (completely) campus carry, and church carry is “opt-in” (meaning it’s not legal to enter a church armed unless you obtain permission from the lease-holder of the private property first!). One of our “compromises” to the Senate was allowing them to add an amendment that “allows” hunters to hunt with suppressors (though anyone can pay the tax and own a suppressor, you just couldn’t HUNT with it 😕 ). Oh, and the bill called them “silencers.” 🙄
    Anyway, up until a couple of hours before the end of the legislative session for the year, the House and the Senate were at each other’s throats, with the House being more pro-gun and the Senate wanting to allow as little freedom as possible through their fingers. Sad, considering that we have a Republican SUPERMAJORITY and should be able to pass these bills no prob. Anyway, the Senate has torpedoed this same bill for the last two years by some devious maneuvering. However, this is an election year, and many of our House Reps were determined to fight to get the majority of the issues passed. The House did some clever maneuvering of its own (thanks nominally to Chairman Powell, Rep. Rick Jasperse and a few others), and we ended up getting around an intended Senate subcommittee sabotage. Essentially, the House was able to secure HB 60 for passage by Sine Die, which passed by almost 2/3 of the House. Just waiting to see what Deal will do.
    Now, there’s your backstory. What you don’t know is that Governor Deal and Lieut. Gov. Cagle have been behind some of the sabotage during this year and the past two years. This year, a “phone call” (from Deal or someone representing him) killed campus carry in HB 875 in the House subcommittee, before HB 875 could get to the House floor for a vote. In the Senate judiciary subcommittee, one of the senators, Stone, accepted the nomination as a judge ($120,000/yr salary), offered by Gov. Deal, in return for gutting the best parts of HB 875. However, the House learned this before the committee meeting, and while Stone & Co. were busy killing HB 875, the House took a different bill that had already passed the Senate vote, HB 60, and amended it to include all the language of HB 875 (not including campus carry). HB 60 thus became the revitalized pro-gun bill, and only needed its amendments approved by the Senate (thus bypassing the Senate subcommittee and forcing the entire Senate to vote on the record during an election year). So, we got what we did because the House was forced to resort to Senate tactics…smart, but should never have been necessary in a state with a Republican supermajority in the legislature.
    Deal is running for reelection partly on a pro-2A stance on his website, which states that he has always approved pro-2A legislation that crosses his desk. So, he either vetoes it and forgoes his promise, ignores it and lets it become law by default, or “endorses” it by signing it for his campaign propaganda.
    Governor Nathan Deal does not wish for Georgians to carry in church, in government buildings, on college campuses/on college-owned property, and he has no scruples regarding using unorthodox/illegal methods to get his way. Same goes for Cagle. I didn’t vote for Deal the past election – I voted for a more Libertarian-oriented candidate. I sure as hell will not support him this year. By the same token, many of the Republicans in the Senate and the House are RINOs, and only voted pro-gun because it is an election year. Those people who showed resistance to voting pro-Constitution will not be getting my vote.
    Deal is a conniving, two-faced politician (poli = many, tic = parasite), Cagle is similar, and many of the other politicians in the capitol share the same traits. We’re fortunate that we have such gun organizations as GeorgiaCarry.Org, a local pro-gun rights organization that has been fighting to restore our liberties for over a decade. They play the game, they get to know our representatives by name and in person, and they get the job done. If ANY of you have a similar organization in your home state, I humbly suggest that you get involved with it ASAP, find out what the issues are in your state’s House and Senate regarding firearms, and work with them to restore (or defend) your rights. Just getting on FB and sharing info, getting others interested, can help.” ~ (Rah45) Georgia Carry member

  2. Bryan Austin says:

    Now, Gov Deal signed HB60 AFTER the “campus carry” bill HB826. Deal claims HB60 over-rides HB826. Here is the kicker. HB826, which was signed first, allows campus carry by STRIKING language from the Law Code. HB60, signed second, NEVER RE-ADDED the language by UNDERLINING the added language. Therefore HB826 campus carry Was actually legal BUT everyone WAS told it is not. HOWEVER, now that the law code has been updated, the LEGAL new law language decriminalizing campus carry was omitted thus campus carry is still illegal. SO DON’T BE FULLED when they claim Deal is pro 2nd Amendment. HE IS NOT and is a Democrat at heart and WAS one until 1996.