Fashion | Toms Desert Wedges, Black High-Waisted Skinny Jeans, and a Hipster Hat

| October 23, 2014

Lacey McLemore, Valdosta Today Fashion Contributor:

I received a ton of compliments on the outfit I wore to work today, so I thought I would share it so that you can get the look as well! It’s a great outfit, very comfy and just warm enough, for these first few Fall days. I believe I’ll probably be wearing something similar to all of the fun events I’ve planned over the next few weeks—craft beer tasting, my alma mater’s Owl-O-Ween event, as well as several walking tours. The weather’s so nice I just can’t resist!

bootsLet’s begin with the wedges. Booties have become a very big thing for this season and I’ve honestly struggled with finding a pair that didn’t cut off my legs, as well as fit comfortably, and also looked practical enough to be worn for work and play. Since I’m barely 5 feet tall, finding a chunky ankle bootie has been the bane of my existence. Most of them have been too big around my ankles making me feel as though I’m swimming in my shoes. Others have completely cut off my legs instead of giving me the coveted height I adore! After much trial and error, I have finally found the wedge booties that make both my heart, and my feet, sing! Introducing the Toms Desert Wedge. These boots don’t come up too high on the ankle; they are able to be completely customizable over the top of the foot due to the shoe-string detail, and this taupe color has proven to be the perfect neutral for every pair of pants I own. I actually just ordered the black for skirts and dresses as well!

girlI’ve been wearing mine with my favorite new jeans for Fall—The Twig High Rise Grazer—from Urban Outfitters. Since the Grazer fits perfectly at the ankle it leaves just enough skin showing for the ankle boots or some funky socks like these from Target which are a cozy way to add some individuality and depth to your look. I really love these jeans because they have a lot of stretch in them to fit and feel like a legging, but they aren’t too tight, and they never stretch out. They also look a lot more professional and put together than any legging could ever hope. Along with the look of the jeans, I also love the way they feel, super soft, with an almost velvety touch. Easy to dress up or dress down, black jeans are one of the items I list as a Fall Staple.

toptop2top 3The only thing that can sometimes be occasionally hard to style is the fact that they’re high waisted. I normally remedy this problem in one of three ways: 1) by wearing either an A-lie shirt which flows away from the body at the same place the jeans nape in, giving me an hourglass shape (pictured left) 2) by wearing a looser fitting shirt which is more square shaped, I gently tuck one side to give me an asymmetrical “I didn’t try too hard look” (pictured middle) or 3) If I’m feeling really confident, I’ll occasionally rock a crop top (pictured right). (From left: The first two blouses are from and the last is from

To complete the look I always reach for a standout accessory. A scarf, a bracelet, or a hat is normally the ticket for me. Lately, I’ve been loving my wool hat from Target. For just $16.99, this wool hipster hat was a steal compared to what places like Urban Outfitters and Anthropologie were asking. I love the way it fits, relaxed and just floppy enough. I also love the braided detail that surrounds the top as well as the way it completes any outfit—especially this one.

So, that’s it—my outfit of the day! What was yours? What did you like? What did you hate? Is there anything you consider a must have for this season?


37501_1331569365389_7267954_nLacey Mclemore. “My goal is to finally rid the exclamation, “I have nothing to wear!” from every woman’s vocabulary once and for all. In order to do this it’s not only important to understand who you are, but to have the confidence to present yourself accordingly. In my articles, you’ll find reviews of both classic pieces as well as trends, how they can best suit your body type and style, as well as styling ideas. And, soon you’ll find nothing in your closet but loveable, versatile pieces which make you feel luxurious!”

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