Democrat Hecht Fabricates Sheriff Endorsements

| October 22, 2014
AG Sam Olens  R-GA

AG Sam Olens R-GA

ATLANTA — More accusations from Republicans of Democrat fabrication of facts in campaign ads have some Georgia sheriffs upset.

Late Friday, the campaign of Democrat candidate for State Attorney General, Greg Hecht rolled out a press release claiming 37 Georgia sheriffs had “switched” from backing Republican Attorney General Sam Olens. After multiple news outlets ran the story, some of the listed sheriffs began contacting both campaigns to complain.

Several of those sheriffs are from south Georgia.

“I’m proud to support Sam Olens and I am shocked that his opponent claimed to have my endorsement,” said Lanier County Sheriff Nick Norton. “Sam is a friend and has done a tremendous job as Attorney General helping my office of Sheriff here in South Georgia with many criminal cases. Sam has always had my full support and my endorsement.”

Mike Dewey, Sheriff, Brooks County, said “I don’t know why Attorney General Sam Olens’ opponent would falsely list my name as switching my endorsement. Sam Olens has proven himself as a friend and supporter of Georgia’s law enforcement efforts and has always had my full support.”

The Olens’ campaign reports that sheriffs confirming to the campaign that candidate Hecht fabricated their endorsement to date, include: Sheriff Nick Norton, Lanier County; Sheriff Mike Dewey, Brooks County; Sheriff Josh Hilton, Calhoun County; Sheriff Neal Walden, White County; Sheriff Thomas, Pike County; Sheriff Young, Grady County; Sheriff Kight, Toombs County; Sheriff Peterson, Clinch County; Sheriff Thomas, Franklin County and Sheriff Nobles, Long County.

“It is shameful that someone this fundamentally dishonest could run for the state’s top legal office. In his failed lieutenant governor’s campaign eight years ago, Hecht’s tactics were so deceptive; one Atlanta newspaper actually revoked its endorsement,” said campaign spokesperson Sheri Kell.

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