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| September 30, 2014

books collegeChip Harp, Valdosta Today Business Editor

Innovation and Business School don’t always go together.  Many times its the people not successful in the business world that end up teaching in business schools.  Or is that statement fair?  More than likely, not, especially when you consider what the website Business Management Degree did when they put together their list of the most innovative business schools in the US.  Better, 3 schools from Georgia made the list.

The schools were listed and ranked by the publication based on their understanding of the importance of certain criteria by their attendees.  This criteria included creativity and innovation, or whether they considered their school to be on the “leading edge” of business trends.

What makes a business school progressive is its recognition of the key elements of this growing trend which includes sustainability, a broad sense of innovation and fresh, new ideas as a whole, cutting-edge research, employing faculty whom are respected leaders in the business industry, and, of course, empowering their students with state of the art technology.

According to lead researcher and writer, Yusuf Laher, “The business world is constantly evolving. It’s therefore vital that business schools adapt their curricula, incorporating emerging trends in areas such as innovation, new technology and entrepreneurship to ensure that students have the skills necessary for success. We compiled this list to spotlight the most forward-thinking U.S. business schools and hopefully inspire business students to become innovative future leaders.”

Schools from Georgia included:

39) Sceller College of Business, Georgia Institute of Technology – Atlanta

35) Coles College of Business, Kennesaw State University – Kennesaw

28) Goizueta Business School, Emory University – Atlanta

No school from Florida made the list.  Which school was considered most innovative?  MIT Sloan School of Management, Massachusetts Institute of Technology – Cambridge, Massachusetts.

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