Sylvester Mom Arrested for Leaving Children in Parked Car

| September 10, 2014
Photo courtesy Worth it

Photo courtesy Worth it

SYLVESTER — Sylvester Police report Kendra Danielle Brown, 21, was arrested for leaving her two children unattended in a car while she was in the Family Dollar store.

Apparently Brown was working inside the store while the children were in the car, according to police.

They say she claims a friend (whom she cannot name) left the kids outside the store where she worked, without her knowledge. DFACS investigated, and turned the children over to their father.

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  1. Rex says:

    I hope the baby’s daddy can get a sitter before going to work. The question is, Why didn’t he know about this problem? This would have never happened in my home. The mother & I ALWAYS knew to look out for the kids in ANY situation.