Norcross High Lockdown Suspect in Custody

| September 11, 2014

Norcross_HS_1Mike Morris, Atlanta Journal Constitution:

NORCROSS — Police have a suspect in custody after a fight at Norcross High School that possibly involved a gun, but the Gwinnett County campus remains on lockdown.

Norcross police Capt. Bill Grogan said the fight began about 10:30 a.m. Thursday in a wooded area adjacent to the school, and when police arrived two of those involved ran.  Police believed one ran into the school, and Grogan said just before 12:30 p.m. that a school resource officer had just taken that person into custody inside the school.

“He’s unarmed,” said Grogan, adding that police “have no idea” if a weapon was ever involved.  “We don’t know if there is or there isn’t,” he said. “A couple of people say that they thought that they saw a gun, but that’s all speculation at this point.”

The school was still on lockdown at 12:30 p.m., Grogan said, “until they complete the search. They have located the one person they were looking for, but we don’t want to assume that it was just one.”

Gwinnett Schools spokeswoman Sloan Roach told Channel 2 that one of the people involved in the fight was beaten and taken to a local hospital. That person, only described as a male, was not a current Norcross High student, but may have previously attended the school, she told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.  As worried parents descended on the campus, Roach said no one was being allowed in or out of the school.

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