Cook Student Arrested for Gun on Campus Identified

| September 17, 2014

gun-bullet-shotADEL — The Cook County Sheriff’s Office charged Austin Ray Guthrie, 17, with one count of carrying a weapon within a school safety zone.   The Sheriff’s office says he is the student who brought a gun on the campus of Cook County High School Wednesday.

According to a school report, Guthrie allegedly brought a loaded .22 pistol he had in a small bag into the cafeteria just after 7 a.m.

School officials were alerted by the Guthrie’s grandmother who called and said the boy was upset with his girlfriend and may have brought a weapon to the school.

Once school officials found the student, he was confronted by law enforcement in the school cafeteria, where they said he ran to the student parking lot, was caught and arrested.

The teen was then taken to the Cook County Sheriff’s Office.  School officials proceeded the rest of the day as normal.

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Cook High Student Arrested for Gun at School
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