Business School | How to Earn and Keep your Team’s Trust

| September 25, 2014

business moneyChip Harp, Valdosta Today Business Editor:

When employers trust their manager, they’re more likely to follow through on goals and be forthcoming about challenges.

That’s according to an article by Carolyn O’Hara entitled “Proven Ways to Earn Your Employees’ Trust”.   She notes the importance of reinforcing your trustworthiness as a manager/owner.  But how do you do that?  Here’s some points:

  1. Make a connection.  Get to know folks on your team or within your company.  Let them get to know you.
  2. Encourage action rather than commanding it.  Delegating tasks is a great way to show trust.  However, make sure you are clear about expectations, performance metrics and goals.
  3. Be comfortable taking blame if appropriate.  On the other side, give credit.  Your company or team can see what is actually happening and what has caused certain outcomes.  You can’t engender trust if your team doesn’t trust you to be honest.
  4. Don’t play favorites.  Make sure your company or team knows the shared expectations and their role in achieving them.
  5. Show competence.  This is crucial.  Don’t fake it.  If you aren’t good at your job, you can’t expect your team or company to trust you in providing direction and leadership.  Make sure you keep your skill set updated and current and follow through on commitments and promises.  Ask questions and show a willingness to learn.

Trust is not demanded, it is earned.  Look for ways to build confidence and trust within your team or organization.

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