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| September 29, 2014

coaching puzzleChip Harp, Valdosta Today Business Editor:

A better way to better manage your company is to become a better coach.  Management is not just about showing direction, but working with your staff to make them better.

Ask them open-ended questions to like “what do you want to get accomplished this week”, or “what goals should we establish this month”.  This invites them to be a part of setting objectives related to their performance and for you to determine what skills will need improvement.

Monique Valcour, in her piece “ You Can’t Be a Great Manager If You’re Not a Good Coach”, notes that if you listen deeply and restrain your impulse to provide the answers, you’ll invite people to open up and to think creatively. Help your team members articulate their goals and challenges and find their own answers. If someone is frustrated or stuck, acknowledge her struggles and encourage her to think about how to move past them. Hold people accountable: If someone wants to develop new skills, give him a deadline to identify training programs, their costs, and the amount of time he’ll need away from work. Then see him through it.

The better your team members’ skill set, the better your organization.

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