America’s Biggest Threat

| September 8, 2014

american-flag-2a2A. Nicole Poole, Valdosta Today Editorial Contributor:

Today, America maintains a $17 trillion dollar debt, fails to respond to Middle East conflicts, ranks 17th in the global educational system, and too many American people can barely make ends meet. In fact, more than half of the country wonders if the American dream is really achievable. It seems the hard work of past leaders has taken a back seat. Today’s so called leaders, focus on revoking business owner’s right to practice their religion while owning a company or on how our president can improve in golf. The lack of leadership in Washington, DC has many people believing that the decline of America is imminent.

However, despite what seems like never ending turmoil, America will not decline because of these circumstances. The deficit, the lack of educational success, and the evaporation of the American dream will not leave the world without the freest place on earth. What will ultimately cause the decline of America are the people who no longer believe that America is exceptional. The very people who have the honor and privilege of American Citizenship may be responsible for her demise.

America’s school systems have declined over the past three decades, not only in global comparisons but also domestically. Students are being taught that America is stolen land and that the people who owned her should get her back. Some teachers and professors are teaching students that America is not great because America has a past, and that past isn’t as bright as the leaders today would like people to believe. Students are led to believe that America is the root of all the problems and should be destroyed.

Students are attending conferences where people are clinging to ideologies such as communism that teaches freedom comes from government. Young ladies are not aware that beliefs such as third-wing feminism is a gateway to destroying America’s future. Teachers are not telling students that Native Americans are no longer living in fear and can have prosperous lives or that African Americans are building from slavery and those who chose to prosper are succeeding. America is where those dreams become reality.

If America is as horrible as people think and if America were built only on slavery and thievery than why are people fleeing here? Why are we considering giving amnesty to millions of illegal immigrants if America is not great? Has anyone ever heard of the Chinese Dream or the Russian Dream? No, because there isn’t one. America is the greatest country in the world, but the very people who have the privilege to live here too often do not appreciate it. Instead, they aim to change it into the “Old Evil Empire” or the current day China. Ronald Reagan, among others, was a pioneer for freedom and the epitome of a patriot. Reagan told the American people at one of the most spiritually depressed times, four simple words that still define this country today – “America is an idea.”

Those words should ring in every American’s heart because America is not just a country, or a place that holds supremacy in the world, but a place where a new life can begin. When people think of freedom they don’t think of Switzerland or the Netherlands they think of America. Reagan and other patriots today, had the right idea when they referred to America as an idea because in a world full of darkness America is that light at the end of the tunnel. Unfortunately, some Americans don’t believe that America is that light. Too many don’t believe that America should hold a key leadership role in the world so they destroy the foundation of this country by referring to the Constitution as a list of suggestions. The pseudo-leaders in America are not making her the home of the free and brave, but the home of the censored and feared.

Ronald Reagan said that if we lose freedom here, there is no place to escape to, this is the last stand on earth. These words are true today. With the Middle East in turmoil, the southwestern border in crisis, and American students fearing they will not have a job after graduation, the world is screaming, “where is America”? People need us, but we can’t help them because we are too busy criticizing ourselves. We are occupied with stripping America from its foundation rather than protecting it. The truth is, our deadliest threat isn’t what lies outside of us, but within. It is time for the American people to wake up.

Ms. Poole has contributed this article as part of Valdosta Today’s effort to provide local opinions to spur discussions and positive conversations related to improving our community.  Comments and opinions are from the author and do not necessarily reflect those of Black Crow Media, Valdosta Today or our sponsors.

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  1. Change says:

    Please don’t compare America to other countries but to what it was yesterday and what it can become tomorrow. America is a young country (over 200 years old) so to compare it to Asia, Europe, and the Middle east will not help them. Only dialogue between differences of people gives people hope that things can change in a positive direction. Thank you for your time.

  2. Diane says:

    Excellent article. I agree that our shining city on a hill is in grave danger. You say for America to wake up. I hope when they do, that it’s not too late.