Ellen S. Golden Appointed to State Court of Lowndes County By Nathan Deal

| August 14, 2014

court-room-judge-verdict-scales-of-justiceATLANTA, GA – Gov. Nathan Deal announced the appointment of Ellen S. Golden as state court judge of Lowndes County yesterday. Golden will fill the new state court judgeship created by the passage of House Bill 986 during the 2014 session of the Georgia General Assembly. The appointment will take effect upon swearing in.

Ellen S. Golden is a partner with Ryan and Golden, LLC. She earned her bachelor’s degree from Valdosta State College and her law degree from the Mercer University Walter F. George School of Law. She and her husband, former State Senator Tim Golden, have one child and reside in Valdosta.

Source: Governor’s Office of Georgia

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4 Comments on "Ellen S. Golden Appointed to State Court of Lowndes County By Nathan Deal"

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  1. Sara says:

    Her husband is just ‘Tim’? What kinda journalism is this? You need a ethical whooping.Why can’t ya write that- “her husband, State Senator Tim Golden?”

  2. LHS Mother says:

    Her husband, State Senator Tim Golden, ran unopposed as a Democrat in 2010, then switched to the Republican party a few days afterward. He ran against Democrat Bikram Mohanty in 2012, and won by a slim margin to newcomer Mohanty. Senator Golden decided not to run for re-election and to concentrate on his business, I believe he is now selling insurance, etc.

    He was threatened with a Tea Party primary challenge. John Page and State Rep Ellis Black vied for the Republican nomination, and Black won by a very slim margin. Now Black faces Mohanty in the general election.

    I wish Judge Golden well. I just wish the process of judge selection were not so obviously political. I don’t think anyone should be rewarded for switching parties. I certainly won’t use Tim Golden’s business. I worked on his behalf in 2010. He, Rep Amy Carter, and Rep Ellis Black all ran unopposed as Democrats in 2010 and then switched parties just a few days later. I think that’s unethical.

  3. Leigh Amiot says:

    LHS Mother,

    I have known Ellen Stewart Golden since 1966. From the time we were little kids, Ellen knew she wanted to be an attorney. She worked hard in school from day one, was a high achiever academically. She paid her own way through college and law school, and was disciplined and goal-oriented in all her undertakings. Her law career was well established before she met and married Tim. She worked as an assistant district attorney without the political influence you insinuate.

    Hiding behind a screen name and attributing another woman’s success to her husband comes across as catty. Why didn’t you personally address Tim, Amy and Ellis with your belief that their party switch was “unethical” rather than try to level Tim’s spouse anonymously four years later?

    I think that’s cowardly.

    Leigh Amiot