Arrest Made For False Statement Given in KJ Case

| August 7, 2014

Chauncey VALDOSTA, GA – The Lowndes County Sheriff’s Office has arrested one man after he gave a false statement about the death of Kendrick Johnson.

On Friday, July 18 Dalton Chauncey came to the Lowndes County Sheriff’s Office and relayed that he had been present during a conversation in which two individuals made admissions that they caused the death of Kendrick Johnson in January 2013. According to the statement given by Chauncey, he only knew the first name of the individuals and that a third person, whom he did know was present and heard these admissions.

Investigators immediately began conducting interviews, specifically of the person who Dalton Chauncey stated was present and heard the conversations. This person denied ever being present or having heard any such conversations. Attempts to identify the two unknown persons were unsuccessful based on the information that Chauncey had given.

On Wednesday, July 23 investigators again met with Dalton Chauncey and explained to him the inconsistencies of his statement and the lack of ability to verify the conversation with witnesses. Chauncey admitted that he had fabricated the story while at the home of friends in order to boast. Chauncey also clarified the two persons who he vaguely identified were fabricated and do not exist.

Under Georgia law, it is a crime to provide false information to law enforcement officers or agencies. An arrest warrant alleging Dalton Chauncey’s providing false statements was issued by the Lowndes County Magistrate Court and he was subsequently arrested.

Sheriff Prine expressed although the investigation of the death of Kendrick Johnson is closed, he continues to encourage citizens to contact investigators should they have information. Investigators have continued to follow up on all information that has been presented.

Source: Lowndes County Sheriff’s Office

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49 Comments on "Arrest Made For False Statement Given in KJ Case"

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  1. LHS mother says:

    He should have gone straight to Victor Blackwell who would have put him all over national television, no fact checking or substantiation required.

  2. D. Miballzich says:

    Prepare yourself…the kooks are coming.

  3. were nothing to Georgia says:

    Why is this case closed its sad that state of Georgia is so trapped in the Jim crow if it was sorry to say if it was a white person or any other ethicity other than black or Mexican this case would still be open just fact that this happened at a school should be enough if he wasn’t self as child getting a education then none the kids are this isn’t something you just sweep under a rug I’m sure that young man fought for his life there had to be DNA there other than his they should swab everyone at that school

    • RWH says:

      Wow! Have you ever heard of punctuation?

    • B McC says:

      Authorities have to have a warrant to collect DNA from anyone, especially minors. Police cannot get every student’s DNA just because a crime occurred, regardless of how tragic.

    • D. Miballzich says:

      Whatever. It was an accident and NOTHING brought up has proven it was a murder. You just so much want it to be a racially motivated murder to keep your own race down and hide behind imaginary racism so you can play the victim and blame others because as a race You stalled after the civil right’s movement. Yea I said it, as a race you just gave up and became complacent after MLK and other leaders fought and won your rights. Then instead of embracing it and moving forward you sat back on you big butts and demand things for free that the rest of us work to achieve and that’s even when the bar is set lower for you making it easier. So tired of the whole ” We are black, we are victims” crap you all spew. The majority of the black community (refuse to call you “African Americans”) is a joke even to other blacks. Bill Cosby, Herman Cain, and many others call you lazy, spoiled, and dumb. Not the white man’s fault, not the Hispanics….yours because You choose to not do any better. I can’t blame you though. You get free food, free healthcare, free housing, free money and all you have to do is sit at the house watching BET wanting more for nothing. You don’t like it here? Go back to Africa.

      • larry says:

        It was a racist situation. How you know if that person is lazy or even getting any assistance. You can be the main one sitting at home in your lazy fat butt getting all the free goods and watching BET. WHITE people get free assistance just as well as blacks. They live in this big nice house and drive around in those nice cars, but be behind them in line try to sneak and use their food stamp card. You and all the white sheet wearing cowards can shut up and stop worrying what others do in their home. Us BLACKS rule this country and just sit back and see y’all crackers ain’t seen nothing yet.

      • Don't need to know.. says:

        So, there are no racial issues in this city? Your very exsistance is racist! I am not from Africa, but if you would like for us all to go back to our ancestors homelands, I would bet my life that you are not of this land. I am here by default. First “you people” steal this land from the Native American, then you steal Africans to bring to this place and tell us to go back? No, bitch!!! How about you pay my way back! I’ll wait…

      • Just a few miles south says:

        D. Miballzich….You are sadly mistaken if you believe that only people of color…black people get free handouts. Not all black people sit on their “big butts”, eat and watch BET. As a matter of fact, I can’t stand BET because it moved away from focusing on issues related to African Americans and focused on promoting black women shaking their @$$e$ in videos thst do nothing more than demean us as a people. In this country, black people do have limited freedoms and the justice system is one-sided. I see the news every day……white woman kills her children, she’s classified as mentally unstable and a victim of spouse abuse; black woman kills her children and she’s just thrown in jail no questions asked. This is the way of the world and the way of this country. My point to you is that not all “black people” sit on welfare and live free. We don’t all have a house full of children, some deadbeat man living with us and government money coming in once a month. There are many of us who work and earn very good salary’s and we have MULTIPLE degrees. Get off y out high horse. While you give your race credit for working so hard, ate you also crediting your race with the downfall of the economy since you all work so hard at keeping this country going. Give the race crap a break. Color of a person’s skin doesn’t make them better than any other ethnic group. Praying for so many ignorant people especially you D. Miballzich. By the way….Glad I don’t live in Lowdnes County. To much going on there!!!!

      • Mrs . W says:

        First of all do you know how dumb you sound??? I work at the health dept.and they’re as many whites receiving assist as they’re are blacks so before you go running your mouth please know your facts!!! If you stop being so ignorant for a moment and think you will know that a 17 year old boy did not just fall into a mat!! KJ was murder and that’s that!! I sure would love to see your stupid face when the truth comes out!! And for your information all black people don’t watch BET (but it’s not a race thing…lol yea right)

      • Gloria says:

        Back to Africa, FOOL you brought us here and now YOU ALL realized your mistake. It’s only a handful of AFRICAN AMERICAN that you speak of, the rest of US are prominent upstanding citizens because YOU allowed us to learn to READ. And for as food stamps, section 8 housing, welfare and the like, the free social distributions you ignorantly speak of, well check your statistics; there’s FAR more of your kind (Caucasians) than African Americans and Hispanics put together on the receiving end of those benefits, I believe you refer to them as Trailer Trash.

        You know this IS a racially motivated crime, those H—-kies killed that child probably because he was upstaging their slacking behinds.(There I said it, too) Oh and you didn’t think you would see an African American, Black or whatever you choose to call him running this country, the country that YOU brought US too, huh? Eat your heart out!

    • ken downing says:

      It never fails that in this day and time that we have people that will spew their ignorance. Multiple law enforcement agencies investigated this case and determined that it was an accident. Racial make up of these agency are multiracial from all walks of life. You are implying that one or more of your own has conspired against this unfortunate young man. If you new anything about biological degradation, then you would not be on this site letting your DNA deficiencies spew this racial hatred just because the results of the investigation didn’t turn out to be what you thought it would be. Finally, I believe the real reason for this subject being an on going matter is for financial gain in a child death. How disgusting can people get?

      • another one says:

        If you think this was a tragic accident, your a fool. I’m pretty sure you been following this case if kj was reaching for a shoe. Why wasn’t he hand first instead of head first? What? He was going to pick the shoe up with his teeth. Who ever pened that he was reaching for a shoe is in on the ccover up.

    • SAY WHAT says:

      I’m sorry…..with all the broken English I am just at a loss….

    • Lowndes _grl says:

      There is no proof of anything and despite what everyone believes the bruising on his body is NATURAL for someone who was upside down for many hours and suffocated to death. THAT Is why it’s closed. Because it was simply a tragic accident.

    • CKA says:

      That is the dumbest thing I have ever heard do u seriously think that Georgia is still in the “Jim Crow” era?!? I lived in valdosta for 7 years and I never once saw anything to prove that and stop playing the race card just cause he’s black doesn’t mean that he didn’t get the same treatment that any other investigation would have gotten

  4. ignorance says:

    @were nothing to georgia… What does your statement even mean? Geez you would think people dont even have a clear grasp of the english language the way that they type.

  5. Uncle bug says:

    Nothing to see here. Move along

  6. Sarah Renee says:

    This is so sad he didn’t deserve it && I believe he really needs justice && peace they need to re-open this case && really find out what’s going on because this is lack of information given to us can’t nobody sit here && tell me he rolled his self you it just don’t make no sense we gotta do better with our youth because this story is really sad just as well as Alex

    • D. Miballzich says:

      There is no LACK OF INFORMATION! All the reports from every part of the investigation have been released. All the information that was performed by a MULTIRACIAL Law Enforcement agency showed that the kid crawled into a mat to retrieve items..he got stuck…suffocated and died.

  7. 1 angry Mf says:

    Sheriff prime said kj fell in a gym mat and that was the cause of his death why would he turn around and say “he encourage citizen to contact investigators should they have information.” That shows you if kj did fell in a mat like he said why is he still asking people to come forward about the investigation. That statement there shows us that what he said was a damn lie he know exactly what happen to KJ with that being said I hope and pray they find justice for KJ #KJMOVEMENT#4EVERLIVEON…God is Loved. Jay~

  8. Amber says:

    Glad it’s finally closed. That damn town isn’t gonna release information about the death of a black boy at the school. Why is that gym all of sudden gone now? Ask the sheriff. Wouldn’t be this way if Ashley was still in office.

  9. Oh boy says:


  10. Abc says:

    Were nothing to Georgia, you are truly a moron. Also, please learn how to use periods and proper grammar please

  11. Get This says:

    FOLK like you D.MIBALLZICH!

    Just breathe to pull down others to prop yourself up as a somebody, greater than all others. WOW! You have to be one of the people that carry the Torch for the Folk that were against Civil Rights and the movement of Equality!! The case of Kendrick Johnson deserves the equal and quality investigative services and attention that should have been given to any other Child that was found dead at school!! And for the record the Get Over It, and Civil Rights Movement stalled? WOW! you must have blinked…because some forty years later Blacks along with some of your race, and some of your kind actually got out and campaigned and VOTED in a Black Man as your PRESIDENT!! OH” and PIGS DON’T FLY…and your flat butt let it happen…WOW! you had to feel some type away…you blinked again and WOW!! He got RE-ELECTED as our PRESIDENT…so your flat butt, lazyass, whiningass, should’ve got out and campaigned… You may have stalled…
    None the less…KENDRICK JOHNSON’S death MUST be treated as if it was your precious offspring that did not return home from school. You would rally and explore every possible CAUSE or MOTIVE surrounding his death. This in FACT is what the FAMILY and COMMUNITY AT LARGE are seeking…Do you have a Problem with that, or is your problem bigger and racially motivated? Are you a Hater of Change? And of course BET is a Black accomplished wholesome family oriented network, why wouldn’t we watch?

    • D. Miballzich says:

      Oh my lord, bless you’re heart ’cause you’re one of those “Special” folks aren’t you. You best get off the computer at the library cause some other child needs to see what Jay-Z is up too.

  12. only God knows says:

    ignorance is not bliss in this situation, but people sure are making too many assumptions.

  13. Sherk Yeet says:

    Yeet! We will find them!

  14. Anon..... says:

    I have followed this case since it began, and Chris Prine is a moron, straight up! Before, he didn’t want any contact about the case and he avoided every little thing that involved it. He is a coward, scared of this case, but all of a sudden he is encouraging people to bring forth information. Why? Because, now that he has had enough time to cover every single detail up, he can arrest everybody that supports the case for “false information.” For you ignorant people who want to say it was an accident, answer me this:
    1) If there weren’t any questions as to what happened, why was it approved for KJ’s body to be exhumed?
    2) Why was it that the only medical examiner who said blunt force trauma was the initial cause, wasn’t connected to VPD, LCSD, or GBI?
    3) Most importantly, why is it that when information was thrown into the open that threatened Prine’s reputation, EVERY TIME, the story changed a little?
    Please guys, unless you support the movement, show off that ignorance and answer those three questions!

    • D. Miballzich says:


      1: Anyone can seek to exhume a body. All you need is the right paperwork and family approval. They do it all the time for a host of reasons.

      2: The examiner was a private examiner paid by those who had a vested interest in certain results….that being that it was foul play. Also of note is that the examiner was disgraced and forced from his previous job for incompetence. Private examiners who DO NOT answer to state/federal standards are brought in to show the results that the person footing the bill wants.

      3: Prine’s story only changed once and that was in relation to when he called the ME. I will say he is a dumbass for not calling the ME immediately BUT I think thee ME is a dumbass because he called out Prine to suit his own agenda. Prine and the Sheriff’s Office has been steadfast in showing their evidence. The only stories I constantly see changing are the ones coming out of the “Justice for KJ” camp.

      • Anon..... says:

        Oh yeah, showing that ignorance off! I haven’t seen the campaign’s story change yet. It’s been No Justice No Peace and There is Foul Play from the start! You’re an idiot. Lol. The story has been changed between GBI, VPD, and LOST quite a bit. Metaphorically speaking, It may only change a few footsteps in the incident, but those few steps hide the newly exposed information. Yeah, exhumation can happen in any situation, but I guarantee that it didn’t happen just as the parents’desire. The whole community except for racists signed off on it. Say what you want, but I know what I’m saying is facts. Your little name is cool, but you might as well start scratching your balls instead of jumping into something you’ll never have a leg up on.

    • Leigh Touchton says:

      Ironic that you would call anyone a coward when you are hiding your identity. Who are you? Sheriff Prine has repeatedly asked for people to come forward with information, Lt. Stryde Jones has repeatedly has people to come forward with information. If you would retrieve the case file and actually read it, you would see that dozens of people were interviewed.
      1. Everyone who is willing to pay for an exhumation is entitled to it, and to a second opinion from a pathologist of their own choosing. The judge that approved the exhumation did not make any judgments as to the merits of this case, he looked at the filings and followed the letter of the law and allowed the exhumation at the request of the family. Why is that in and of itself “proof” that the child was murdered? Do you think the Judge had pre-knowledge of what Dr. William Anderson was going to conclude? By the way, where is Dr. William Anderson today? he has suddenly gone quiet.
      2. The only medical examiner who said blunt force trauma was a doctor in PRIVATE practice who left his PUBLIC practice for the state of Florida under very questionable circumstances amid allegations of unethical conduct. Go look up the news articles on Dr. William Anderson, they are published by the Orlando Sentinel. Why was the only medical examiner willing to work for Chevene King and the Johnson family a man who works alone, does not consult with other professionals, has not successfully ever “won” in overturning a previously rendered conclusion, and who, after he said rendered his conclusion, gave statements to Valdosta Today indicating that he is not even familiar with medical publications on positional asphyxia? Anderson’s professional conclusions, IMO, are not as credible as those of the GBI medical examiner Dr. Maryanne Gaffney-Kraft, whose work was completed in an accredited state laboratory, peer-reviewed by her supervisors, publicly supported by the Director of the GBI medical examiners, Dr. Kris Sperry, AND she did not examine an embalmed body that had been interred for five months. Only a conspiracy theorist would say “Oh yeah? well OUR (less than stellar) guy said he was murdered!” You deny mountains of scientific evidence to cling to nonsense.
      3. The story told by the LCSD, GBI, school officials has never changed. The stories told by Fred Rosen were deleted off the Ebony website. Beau Webster (the family’s private investigator) now claims the “family owes him money and won’t pay”, Webster has been thrown under the bus by Rosen, the Johnson family claims Rosen was only writing about the case for “money”, and the Johnson family public statements have changed dramatically in the year and a half that they have publicly advocated for “justice” to find the murderers of KJ.

      I have some questions for you:

      1. Why didn’t the family ever provide a reward for info leading to the arrest of the “murderers?” In fact, Al Sharpton, at his rally in Valdosta, clearly directed that the money raised (about $8,000) go to a reward.
      2. Why did Kenneth Johnson, the father, become “the angriest man in Valdosta” and call up Rev Rose and berate him when Valdosta Southern Christian Leadership Conference put together a $10,000 reward. (It was never claimed). Chevene King, the Johnson family attorney, called up Rev Rose and said the family did not want SCLC to offer a reward. Tell me why any grieving family who seriously wants answers would behave like what I just described?
      3. Tell me why one of the family members called me up an tried to bribe me to stay silent while one of the mother’s sisters threatened to sue me for speaking out? I can’t WAIT to share my testimony under oath.

      I think it’s obvious who is ignorant.

  15. Ryan says:

    You know, it’s sad the kid is dead. But enough with trying to make a name for your selves off of it. Move on and let him rest in peace!!! The case is closed for a reason. Not because there is a police coverup, or because he is black and the white man is holding the family back. GIVE IT UP FOR GOD SAKES!!!!!

  16. curious in GA says:

    Someone mentioned here about the medical examiner who stated blunt force trauma. Did anyone also see that this examiner was also discredited for claiming blunt force trauma on cases that were clear overdoses? I am by no means claiming that this was not a horrible case because I myself would most likely be doing the same thing if one of my children never came home from school. But speaking as a younger generation the race stuff should stop and focus on the real picture a child died. 17 years old he did not get to graduate, get married, or have kids. Have a heart people and think deep down honestly if this had been your child how would you react?

  17. amanda says:

    This is interesting. The office of Michael Moore confirmed they are still investigating the death of Kendrick Johnson. So the case is not closed and no one has proven it was an accident. If anything all of the evidence pints to murder and a cover-up.

    • D. Miballzich says:

      There is no evidence to prove it was a murder. The ONLY reason the USDA office took on the case is from political pressure. They have NO desire to divert resources from real cases, hence why the investigation is taking so long.

  18. Ryan says:

    I really enjoy reading all these blabberings of people who really don’t know spit about anything. The case is going no where and will not go any where!!! No matter how long people protest the police and the GBI, it’s pointless. It’s been how long now???? And no closer to the truth, just more law suits. ( the good old American way)

  19. Cookie says:

    If this was your child what would you do. Some say let it go or let Kendrick rest. I have Sons I would fight like hell for mine. Is this the same e-mail back in January they said it was a girls e-mail how come she is not arrested , she lied. Why would they arrest Dalton Chauncey the FBI needs to do something.