//New Bike Racks Installed Downtown to Create “Bicycle Friendly” Community

New Bike Racks Installed Downtown to Create “Bicycle Friendly” Community

Bike-Rack-DowntownVALDOSTA, GA – Parking availability is increasing in Downtown Valdosta through the installation of four new bicycle racks for public use. The City of Valdosta hopes the artistic bicycle racks will create a more “bicycle friendly” community, while also providing decorative and interesting street art in the downtown area.

The racks were paid for by the Central Valdosta Development Authority (CVDA) though residual Community Improvement District (CID) funds earmarked for streetscape projects. Citizens may park and lock-up their bicycles at the following locations next time they ride through the heart of the city:

  • Ashley Street, between Central Avenue and Valley Street. The biggest of the bike racks accommodates up to 10 bicycles and is located on Ashley Street in front of Sentinel Probation.
  • Ashley Street in Bennie’s Alley. This rack is conveniently located in a popular outdoor gathering spot in downtown.
  • Patterson Street, between the Central Avenue and Bennie’s Alley. This rack is located near the Blue Café.
  • Toombs Street Parking Lot. The last of four racks will be installed when renovations to the Cranford Building are complete.

The new racks supplement five existing bicycle racks located in downtown at the southeast corner of Mack’s Park, on the northeast and southeast corners of the Toombs Street parking lot, near the Department of Labor building, and on Patterson Street in front of First Presbyterian Church.

“Citizens’ requests for more bicycle racks in the downtown area were included in the Valdosta Main Street’s annual work plan,” said City Manager Larry Hanson. “We are pleased to utilize the streetscape funding set aside for this purpose and to see these racks installed for our citizens’ benefit and use.”

Source: City of Valdosta